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A New Book by Kimberly Kaplan

A New Book

Shameless promotion warning…Especially guilty since this book is not autism-related.

Yet, I have a book coming out this week!

“Remembering Monty — Monty Hall: Emcee, Song and Dance Man, Humanitarian, and the Face of Let’s Make a Deal”

There’s a story to the story.

Which is?

Turns out, Monty Hall was an inspiring person. He came from a poor, working-class family in Canada. He was naturally talented, yet worked extremely hard to become—what is really—a legend in Hollywood. Anyone who has ever heard of the show, “Let’s Make a Deal” knows the name Monty Hall.

There’s more…Monty Hall was taught early in his life to give back to others. He did that throughout his adult life. He was responsible for an estimated one billion dollars’ worth of charitable donations.

He married the love of his life and raised three wonderful children.

He was a talented, hard-working, and decent man.

The author, Ken Rotcop, was an award winning and incredibly talented writer (screenwriting and books). He got his first ever writing job in Hollywood from Monty Hall. In 1963, Monty Hall hired Ken to write for his TV show Your First Impression.

The two became friends, and remained friend for decades.

Where do I come in?

Ken was my screenwriting mentor for 28 years.

In April, 2018, Ken contacted me and asked to discuss a writing project with me. We met and he told me about a book he wanted to write about Monty Hall. He told me how he first met Monty and a little bit about his vision for the book. Ken said he had had a co-writer/researcher, however this person had to drop out of the project.

He wanted to know if I would take up the position.

I accepted.

Ken and I wrote all summer long and got our book in on time in early September.

Sadly, Ken got sick later that month and died in October, 2018.

That’s the story within the story—all non-autism related.

So, here I am promoting a book that was Ken Rotcop’s passion. He wanted to write about a great man, his friend, Monty Hall. I never met Monty Hall (he passed in 2017), and my mentor, friend, father-figure, and co-author is also not here to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

I know Ken was pleased with the book when he turned it into the publisher, Bear Manor Media in September. We had gotten contributions from Monty Hall’s three children, his brother, Robert, his cousin, Jack, long-time LMAD associate producer Hank Koval, and (of course) the lovely Carol Merrill.

We were fortunate enough to get some great photos for the book.

It all came together in (for me) a sort of magical way. I got to write with my mentor, how many people can say that? The book was completed on time, and we were both proud of our work.

To Monty Hall’s friends and family, I hope you enjoy the book and I hope you feel it is a fair depiction of Monty. He seemed like a wonderful person and I was sad to have never met him. 

To Ken, all I can say is I will do my best to promote our work. It truly was a heart-warming experience to write with Ken. I remember our last phone conversation, I was in Hawaii when he called. I just happen to be relaxing on a patio after having eaten my breakfast. We chatted about the book and one of my screenplays. Ken apologized for interrupting my vacation, yet really it wasn’t an interruption. The timing was fine and I enjoyed our conversation. It turned out to be the last time we spoke.

I miss you Ken and I wish you were on this journey with me. I wanted you to be the one in the lead on a book that was your passion, your stories, and about your friend.

I’ll do my best from here on out.

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