Be a Better Person
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Be a Better Person

We’ve talked quite a bit about intuition and self-awareness over the last several blogs. So, I thought it would be a great time to quiz you… Don’t worry, I’m just kidding of course! This isn’t a real quiz. But, it is vital to check in with yourself every so often. So, I’ve created this self-assessment for all of us (including me) to do just that.

Here are 14 hypothetical questions about situations that resemble experiences many of us have had at some point. As you read them, put yourself in the situation and note what your reaction would be. There are no right or wrong answers to any of these. Just be honest with yourself and stick with your first answer. Then I’ll help you make more sense of your reactions.

Intuitive Self-Assessment Questions
1. You discover that your waitperson leaves an entrée off your bill. Do you speak up or hope he/she doesn’t notice?

2. A friend has asked you to be in her wedding. You aren’t as close as you used to be and you really don’t want to be a bridesmaid. Do you agree anyway?

3. Your mother always has an opinion about how you should run your life. How do you deal with it?

4. You’re waiting in line at the grocery store when someone cuts in front of you. How do you react?

5. You wake up feeling awful and should probably stay home sick. Yet, there’s so much to do at work today, and you’re not sure things will get done without you. Do you go to work or trust your coworkers can handle everything?

6. A friend calls you and starts gossiping about someone you know. Do you join the conversation?

7. Someone just criticized you. How do you react?

8. You’re heading to a local pool to relax and read for the afternoon. As you’re packing a backpack, you reach for this fascinating spiritual book you’ve been reading. But then you remember that the friends you’re going with aren’t into spiritual topics and will probably roll their eyes. Do you still bring the book?

9. You think your neighbors are abusing their dog. You hear the dog crying every night and every time you see him, he looks so fragile. What do you do?

10. You’re out shopping for a new swimsuit, trying them on in the dressing room. How do you talk to yourself when you look in the full-length mirror?

11. You and your partner have an argument. Do you wait for him/her to apologize first?

12. A senior coworker takes credit for your work. What do you do?

13. Your mother wasn’t the greatest parent, but over the last few years she’s tried to make amends. Do you continue to hold a grudge?

14. A psychic tells you that you’re going to lose your job in the next month. You intuitively know that he’s/she’s not correct. Do you still freak out?


As I said earlier, there are no right or wrong answers to these questions. But, your reaction to each question is a mirror of where you are in your life now. How you chose to react, or wish you would choose to react is just an indication of who you are or would rather be.

We all see, hear, feel, and experience the world through lenses or filters, which come from our life experiences, egos, ancestors, and culture. Everything that enters our mind and experience moves through our filter and we respond accordingly. Often when life isn’t quite how we want it to be, we’re looking through a lens that doesn’t support our highest good- your Goblin, for example. With self-awareness, we have the power to change the filter through which we see and react to life’s ups and downs. As I’ve said before, when you first change yourself, the world responds accordingly.

So, back to the assessment… You probably breezed through some questions, indicating that those answers resonated with your higher self. Other questions likely left you wishing you had a different answer. In that case, you’ll want to look at that aspect of your life and examine what the filter you’re looking through. For example, some of your answers may have suggested you have an underlying pain you’re expressing through self-righteousness, judgment, abandonment, anger, entitlement and so on.

A great exercise for the rest of today would be to look at, and feel how you respond to every situation you encounter today. Ask your highest good why do you feel like you do. And if a situation intuitively doesn’t feel right, pay attention, what filter are you using to see with.
Remember, with self-awareness, you can change the filter through which you experience the world. And when you change your filter, you transform your entire experience.

"We must become the change we wish to see in the world" – Ghandi.


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