Santa Has Some Consistency Issues…
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Santa Has Some Consistency Issues…

There is one big problem with the awesome and much adored Santa. Mainly, that he is fictional. This becomes problematic because it means every family has a different Santa, which causes consistency issues.

We’ve run into this problem with the Tooth Fairy as well. I know a kid who gets $20 for every lost tooth. Short of banning said kid from my home, I had to do some expectation management with my little tooth losers. Unlike their friend, they would not be able to save enough Tooth Fairy money to buy a laptop. With six kids, dishing out that kind of coin for pearly whites would require a house remortgage.

I told them that I’ve got a deal with the Tooth Fairy – she knows I don’t think it’s appropriate to deliver more than a few coins so she honors and respects that.The same can be said for Santa.
Did the kids down the street get a puppy from Santa last year? Did the cousins all find laptops and iPads under the tree? And lucky you – now some of these big ticket items have turned up on your kids’ lists, too.

Around here, my kids know that mama has final approval on all lists before they go off to the jolly guy. Kids may attempt to sneak a secret list past me, but I’ve got that system beat.  My kiddos know that I always consult with Santa before present delivery day and Santa always respects a parent’s wishes.

So, if you don’t think electronics, live animals, or trips to Disney are appropriate gifts from Santa for your little ones, tell them so. Remind them about the Christmas spirit and help them form a list that is more reasonable and affordable.

Just a tip, but I’d avoid telling them that the elves don’t make electronics or other items – undoubtedly they’ll have a friend who gets the very thing you say the elves don’t make.

Have you had some unreasonable requests from your kids or perhaps some unfortunate Santa precedent set by other families? How have you dealt with it?

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