Cute Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy to Your Husband
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Cute Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy to Your Husband

When the pregnancy test results are positive, the anticipation is almost more than an expecting woman can bear. But how to tell your husband you’re pregnant?

Later in life, you and your husband will remember this moment, so make it good. Start off your challenging nine months on an exciting note by choosing from a number of cute ways to announce your pregnancy to your husband.

The Letter Announcement

Compose a fake “arrival announcement” directly from “Baby” to put in your mailbox. Use fancy lettering and pretty stationery, and let your husband sift through the mail to find it. For example: “Dear Daddy Smith, I would like to announce my impending long-term stay in your home. Although my anticipated arrival date is October 4, my actual arrival may be unannounced, so please get ready for my visit ahead of time by preparing a suitable guest room with all the amenities, including rattles, diapers, and blankets. I look forward to being delivered on the expected date. Yours truly, Baby Smith” Watch your husband’s face as the news sinks in. Afterward, save the announcement in a scrapbook.

The Internet Announcement

Sit at the computer — ideally, your husband’s own computer, if he has one — and tell him you think a strange virus has attacked the computer. When he looks for himself, he’ll see your pregnancy announcement all over the screen. To do the announcement, simply create a word-processing document with letters in a very large font announcing that you’re pregnant. Use landscape orientation to give the document more room, and call it up as the active window on the screen. Or, create an image file of the announcement using image editing software, then set it as your computer desktop background.

The Musical Announcement

Here’s one that’s great if you’re giddy with silliness at the news of your pregnancy. Rewrite the lyrics of your husband’s favorite song into a pregnancy announcement. Dim the lights, clear a space on the floor and tell him you’re practicing for karaoke night.  Or don’t explain and just let him stare at you as if you’ve lost your marbles. Grab a baby toy to substitute as a microphone and begin belting out the lyrics to announce your pregnancy. Watch your husband’s wince as you mangle his favorite song change to stunned astonishment as he begins to hear what you’re singing.


Brainstorm other “stealth” ways to announce your pregnancy by focusing on routine activities you do together. The next time you go shopping with your husband, sneak a rattle into the shopping bags and then ask him to unpack the shopping. If your husband likes the game Scrabble, stash some extra letters you borrowed from a friend’s copy of the game and play lots of words like “baby” and “pregnant” and “delivery.” Eventually your husband will get the idea. Or cut out in separate sticky notes the letters in “pregnant” and attach them to the pages of the document, book, or magazine he’s been reading, in order.  Just make sure you’re around when he’s reading it.

What Not to Do!

Don’t announce your pregnancy to your husband when he’s driving, eating grapes, or handling dangerous equipment. To minimize the chance of getting a disappointing reaction to your news, avoid announcing your pregnancy to your husband while he’s watching his favorite TV show, gaming, doing work, or when he’s just gotten up from a nap.

Want more inspiration? Check out some cute ways that celebrities shared their baby news below:

Jessica Simpson

When the singer and fashion designer found out she was pregnant with her first child, she tweeted a pic of herself dressed up for Halloween with the caption “I’m going to be a mummy!”  For baby number two, she shared a photo of little Maxwell Drew with writing in the sand letting the world know she was going to be a big sister.

Molly Sims

The model-actress came up with a fun way to tell her husband about their good fortune – using fortune cookies:  “I hijacked a fortune cookie and typed a new message so that when he opened his cookie at the end of the meal, he found out he was going to be a daddy. You can only imagine how nervous I was during the entire meal (I think I ate a total of two bites), but the look of surprise and pure joy on his face was priceless.”

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