Toddler Books About a New Baby Brother or Sister
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Toddler Books About a New Baby Brother or Sister

Although you and your partner may be excited to welcome a new baby into your family, your toddler may be a little less so. A new brother or sister will mean that your toddler will have to share your attention, which he may not be ready to do. Prepare your child for the new arrival by reading books with him that discuss the arrival of a new sibling. Use the books to gauge your toddler’s feelings and to explain what a new brother or sister will mean for him.

“Spot’s Baby Sister”

In “Spot’s Baby Sister,” the adorable puppy is introduced to his new sibling, a puppy named Susie, by his parents. Spot learns to play and have fun with his new sister, which can help your child adjust to the idea of someone new in his family. The book comes in the “lift a flap” format, which helps your child interact with the story as he lifts the flaps to reveal more images.

“We Have a Baby”‘

Cathryn Falwell’s lovely illustrated “We Have a Baby” shows parents introducing a new sibling to a little boy. The language of the book is very simple, so that a toddler will understand it easily. Through out the book, the toddler is first introduced to the new baby, then learns how to take responsibility and help care for it.

“The New Baby”

Written by Fred Rogers, the late host of the children’s television show “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” “The New Baby” uses photographs to show a family interacting with its newest member. The book teaches toddlers how to adjust to a new child. It also deals with any negative emotions a toddler may feel about a new sibling, such as jealousy and anger in a healthy and positive manner.

“Julius, the Baby of the World”

Lilly, a cute little mouse with a purple purse, has a new brother, Julius. While her parents delight in Julius, Lilly thinks he’s “disgusting” and is upset that she has to share her room with the new baby. Her tune changes though, when her cousin is mean to her new brother. What was once jealousy turns into loyalty as Lilly learns to love her baby brother.

“What to Expect When Mommy’s Having a Baby”

Part of the “What To Expect” series, “What to Expect When Mommy’s Having a Baby” explains pregnancy in terms a toddler or preschooler can understand. The book explains how the baby grows inside the womb as well as the physical changes a woman will go through. It also details how life will change after the baby’s birth and how a toddler can cope.

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