You Got Your Head Stuck Where?
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You Got Your Head Stuck Where?

Can someone please explain to me why kids like to stick their heads in things? Why is it that we can find the most adorable hat or bow for our toddlers, and the minute we put it on their heads they rip it off? But give them a bucket and suddenly they seem to have found the perfect thing to wear on their head. And why is it that if there is the tiniest opening, kids feel like they have to try and fit their head into it? Why don’t they try an arm or foot?

The big debate at our house is whether or not to get a new dog. I am open to the idea at some point, but at this moment, my plate is really full. We tried to get a puppy and it ended up not liking little children, so we found it a wonderful home without young ones. Since I won’t get the kids a puppy, they have convinced their little brother to be their puppy (which works for me since Finn is housebroken , up to date on his shots and not likely to chew my shoes).

My only problem was when I walked in and found that his 8-year-old sister had put fruit snacks on the floor for him to eat. I walked in the kitchen and he was licking them up off the floor. I figured I needed to draw the line somewhere. I told them that they had to at least put Finn’s food on the kitchen chair. Never in a million years did it dawn on me that this would cause such a problem.

The kids were all in the kitchen talking and having a snack when I heard them call my name. I was prepared for a spilt drink or an argument over who got the last cookie. What I found was Finn with his head stuck between the slats in my antique kitchen chair. We tried everything to get his head out and after a few different maneuvers; I realized there was no way it was coming out.

During all of this, Finn was happy and pretending to be a dog. The other kids were petting him as he licked their hands. His older sisters and their friend took pictures to post on Facebook. It was actually a moment when everyone got along- all it took was Finn getting his head stuck!

As happy as they all were, I figured I was going to have to break up this happy moment and get his head out.

I go to the garage and come in with a hack saw. Elspeth looks at me with her huge blue eyes and gasps, “Mommy, are you going to cut his head off?” Walking into the kitchen with a hack saw sure did get their attention. I cut the slats away to free Finn. He was actually disappointed because he was having so much fun.

After taking the chair to the trash and putting the hack saw away, I realized two things. Now that my kids are getting older, my days of dealing with them getting their heads stuck in strange places is coming to an end (well, at least I hope they remember that it takes a saw to free them). I also realized that they really don’t need a dog right now with Finn around to fill the role. After all, he is still happily acting like their puppy and they have trained him not to put his head in things.


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