Brooke Burke: 40 Rules To Live By
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Brooke Burke: 40 Rules To Live By

What I’ve learned…

1. RSVPing is NOT optional.

2. Thank you notes go a long way.

3. Hostess gifts are a must.

4. You must be a good friend to have one.

5. Honesty will set you free.

6. Chocolate and pizza are the best cure for PMS.

7. Smoke, stress and alcohol will age you.

8. Exercise is the best medicine.

9. Happiness looks great at every age.

10. Water is your friend.

11. Read Emily Post’s book of etiquette.

12. Know how to find your way back to love.

13. Texting and driving is pathetic and selfish.

14. Love can heal all things.

15. Kisses make everything better.

16. A smile is contagious.

17. Work harder and smarter than everyone else.

18. Curiosity is the key to success.

19. Be on time.

20. Know when to push the off button.

21. If you’re not sweating, you’re not working out hard enough.

22. Every day is a good day to exercise.

23. You don’t have to be great to start but you must start to be

24. Three drinks are too many.

25. A great chef only needs olive oil, garlic and salt.

26. Pray.

27. Know how to clean a house.

28. Be flexible.

29. Life is NOT a competition.

30. Create ambiance for every mood.

31. Stand up straight.

32. Know how to keep a secret.

33. Family comes first.

34. There’s no such thing as too many hugs.

35. Facing your fears will set you free.

36. Don’t do guilt.

37. Be strong enough to be faithful.

38. Gossip is toxic.

39. Your body weeps the tears your eyes do not cry.

40. Have someone to count on.

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