American Girl Doll Holiday Gift
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American Girl Doll Holiday Gift

Looking for a special gift that is sure to bring a smile? One thing you can never go wrong with is American Girl. And, I mean it, seriously, almost anything from this store will be a favorite. Every year they come out with a new doll and accessories. This year’s Maryellen Doll is adorable and the accessories from the 50s are fabulous. One of our favorites is the jukebox. Who doesn’t love jukeboxes? When we take my kids to 50s diners, the first thing they comment on is the jukebox. So now kids of 2015 can experience the fun of jukeboxes at home.

This jukebox lights up and plays six pre-recorded ’50s-style songs when the buttons are pushed. Plus, they can connect their own music players and play their own songs.

This is seriously a must-gift…

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