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4 Ways to Handle that MILP (Mom I’d Like to Punch)

There’s bound to be that one mother who can’t seem to leave you alone. No matter what the situation, she finds a way to execute a snide remark about your cooking, parenting, or multitasking skills. You’ve been doing your best not to butt heads with her, but it is just getting really hard! Here are a couple tips to handle that crazy MILP: Remember It’s Not About You. As easy as …

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5 Things Not To Say To Your Pregnant Friend

1) Youd better get some sleep now! Sure, when your friends newborn enters the world, she may lose so much rest that shell feel shes been hit by a Mac truck. But isnt it a bit early to be reminding her of that? In fact, her pregnancy symptomology itself- no matter how early it is- might be making it all too difficult for her to sleep in the here and now. Even if not, this clichd advice will fall on deaf ears, and only serve to make her dread the newborn phase.

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5 Reasons Not to Feel Guilty About “Me Time”

Perhaps you always talk about doing it, but it never seems to happen. Why is it that you just cant bring yourself to schedule that facial, or spend a Saturday afternoon reading magazines in a coffeehouse, or finally get that Moms Happy Hour to come together? Though its sometimes hard to take the plunge, here are five reasons why taking time for you – and your friends – is something that you owe to your family as well as yourself: