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How To Be a Superstar Nanny!

As a Classic Nanny, care and safety of the children is your primary responsibility. From safety to stimulation, manners to mud pies, you are responsible for it all! Your family is trusting you to be there for them and they are trusting that you are going to give your all during your working hours. Following are additional suggestions that will enable you to be a Superstar Nanny: Avoid last minute cancellations- The family is depending on you. If you cancel, the parents must cancel and rearrange their plans.

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Can a Childcare Know-It-All Actually Know it All?

I am constantly meeting and interviewing Nannies. Its a favorite part of what I do, in no small measure because I too was a Nanny, for many years. So just the other day, Im interviewing a Nanny who, after ten years with her current family, is leaving. When I asked why, she replied, Well, the kids are older now, and theyre self-sufficient, which is nice. We discussed those ten years she spent …