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The C Word – Let’s Talk About Coupons

Let’s talk about coupons.

When is the last time you gave serious thought to the subject of these little money-saving pieces of paper? To me, there is something strangely nostalgic about coupons, as the one marketing tactic my mother and her mother may have seen in the weekly circular, clipped with scissors and filed away in their purses. And here I am, two generations later, sorting through the mail and stuffing a couple of …

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When Girl-Power Marketing Accidentally Does the Opposite

A few weeks ago, start-up toy company GoldieBlox posted this video and the interwebz exploded, as they say.And at first, all caught up in the cuteness of the three little actresses and the cleverness of the way the brand altered the lyrics to Beastie Boys song Girls to accompany this spot (apparently without the Boys permission, but thats not the point), I got excited watching it.And then like a mosquito bite on …