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Spring Fashion Trends You Will L-O-V-E

Spring is officially here, which means you now have the perfect excuse to go on that much needed shopping excursion. Get ready to add some of these gorgeous trends into your wardrobe this season! 1. Wide Leg Pants The 70s are back and looking fabulous as ever. With a pair of high-waisted wide leg trousers you can achieve a chic, sophisticated look that is comfortable and easy to move in. Try matching your new pants with a thin belt and a pair of wedges to complete a slimming, lengthening look. 2. Florals

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Getting intiMINT: Brooke Burke’s New Lingerie Line

Even though her book title was “The Naked Mom,” Brooke Burke certainly knows her way around an underwear drawer! She started her career as a model, and now the busy mom of four regularly rocks the ballroom with her gorgeous outfits as the co-host of Dancing with the Stars – who better to design a line of intimate apparel for women who want to bring sexy back without sacrificing comfort?

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Organization for a Great Education

From the moment your child beings going to school, he will start to develop study habits and skills that will remain with him throughout the rest of his academic career. Organization is a skill that is difficult for many students and it’s learned over time. Here are some ways to help your child learn and develop organizational skills at school and at home.