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Keep Your Kids Safe This Halloween!

Trick or treating is one of the great American traditions, and we can still enjoy a safe night out trolling for goodiesprovided we use some common sense and give our kids a few important guidelines. Maybe youll be accompanying your hobgoblins door to door this year, or perhaps you have older children venturing out on their own with friends. Here are some general safety tips along with reminders for parents and important advice for older kids.

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10 Rules To Empower and Protect Young Children From Potential Abuse

Whos afraid of the big, bad wolf? How about the boogeyman? Okay, good — so weve got those two covered! But how about the ice cream man, or the next door neighbor, or the after-school sports coach? Now, before you get mad at me for picking on those three, let me just say I have nothing against any of these community members! In fact, my daughter and I buy Fudgsicles from our local ice cream man at the park all the time, and I have a very cool next door neighbor.

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Out & About: Holiday Safety Tips for Busy Moms!

Its that time of year again parents everywhere are smack-dab in the middle of the annual holiday shopping blitz and travel craze! And with the stress of running from store to store or from airport to car rental agency, how do we keep an eye on our kids, packages, luggage, and assorted holiday paraphernalia all at the same time? Of course, nothing beats plain old-fashioned, hand-holding supervision. But lets face it, its not always that easy.