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“Autistic” verses “Has Autism”

“Autistic” verses “Has Autism”

Here’s an interesting take on the discussion is it “autistic” or “has autism?”

What’s the take?

Which way is better, saying “autistic” or “has autism?” Are both of them okay? Or neither?

The linked article discusses the Identity First term (autistic) vs. the Person First term (with autism).

The article points out that most people with the disability don’t mind either term or generally use the term “autistic.” It’s not offensive to them.

It appears to only be offensive to neurotypicals who believe the term is negative.

How do I feel?

I have discussed these opposing terms with several other Aut-Parents. Most of them don’t have strong feelings either way.

For me personally, my son typically prefers to not disclose that he has autism. He says he doesn’t want to be identified with “the label.”

I asked him once how he felt about the two terms, did he feel strongly one way or the other.

He didn’t. To him, it didn’t matter which one you used.

Neither one was offensive to him.

So, the bottom line is?

I’m going to side with my own child, for now. I find the discussion interesting, and it is still an open discussion. It will go on for quite a while longer, it seems. Probably without much of a resolution.

Because I write about autism, I go back and forth using each term.

I see nothing wrong with it.

Especially, if my son is okay with it.

So, that’s where I stand. For now.

“Autistic” verses “Has Autism”

Here’s the article that got me thinking about this…



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