Free Crafts for Children
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Free Crafts for Children

Children are naturally curious, and crafts provide a means by which they can explore their curiosity as well as expressing their creativity. Not only that, working on crafts is a way you can lure kids away from their game consoles or television set. Crafts for kids helps break the cycle of sedentary lifestyles. These crafts get kids active, not only working with their hands but with their minds as well.

Magical Musical Tree

Turn a tree in your yard into a musical machine by hanging objects from it and waiting for the wind to blow. Depending on the ages of your children, you may need to select a tree with low-hanging branches. For very young children, a bush or shrub will suffice. Hang copper pipes, aluminum cans, spoons and other metal objects from a tree, close enough together so that they will clang and make sounds when the wind blows.

Denim Pocket Purse or Wallet

Take an old pair of jeans and cut the denim. Plan for a rectangular shape that can be folded over into the size of a purse or a wallet, depending on the craft needs of your child. After the denim has been cut, sew the sides together, forming a purse or wallet pocket. Your kids can then draw a design on the purse or wallet. Keep the design simple. Use yarn or colored thread to sew the pattern into the purse of wallet.

Pet Rocks

Part of the fun of this craft is the selection of the rock. After all, it’s going to become a pet so it should be chosen by the child. The rock should roughly be the shape of a head. After the rock is selected, make sure it has been cleaned and dried. Then have the child paint the entire rock a single color, which will serve as the base color. Then the kids can paint on eyes and ears, adding eyeglasses and other facial features as desired. A tuft of yarn glued to the top can serve as hair.

Colored Pencil Can

Take an empty soup can or equivalent and make sure it is thoroughly cleaned and dried. Remove any paper covering. Take colored pencils and glue them to the side of the can with the drawing end up. For younger children, you may want to make sure the pencils have not been sharpened and have flat ends. Glue the pencils one after another around the circumference of the can until you have a colorful pencil holder. This makes a great gift for Mother’s or Father’s Day.

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