Old English Baby Names
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Old English Baby Names

Old or traditional English baby names often reflect a trade or describe a physical trait. “Carter,” for example, is the name for someone who builds carts, and “Crippen” describes someone with curly hair. While you can, of course, name your baby according to his physical attributes or your current trade, many parents choose Old English names simply because they like the sound of them.

Girl Names

Abelena is a name which means “filbert or hazelnut,” according to Nickelodeon’s Parents Connect. Aelflaed is a similar name that has a much more graceful meaning; the name means “elf beauty.” Dorinda is an Old English name listed in the top 1,000 baby names in America in 1969 — it means “gift of God.” Janella is an Old English name meaning “God is gracious,” and Kerensa is a beautiful name that means “beauty.”

Boy Names

Aethelwine is an Old English name that means “noble friend” — a nice wish for any baby. Elwood is an Old English name that has elf connotations; it means “elf wood.” Dax is a fairly popular Old English name that was listed at number 789 in popularity in the United States in 2009, according to How to Choose Baby Names.com. Other Old English names for boys include Ivor, Sheldon and Kenton.

Unisex Names

Kinsey is an Old English baby name that can be used for both boys and girls; it means “English victory.” Marlow and Peyton are two other unisex baby names. Marlow means “drained lake,” while Peyton is the name of an early English settlement. Raven, Tate and Willow are other Old English baby names that can be used for boys or girls.

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