Cures for Teen Boredom
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Cures for Teen Boredom

Very few moms are lucky enough to make it through the years of rearing a teen without hearing him utter the classic teen phrase, "I’m bored." If your teen seems bored more often than he is entertained, there are a number of things that your teen can do to prevent himself from suffering boredom. Along with filling his time, many of these things are beneficial in other ways.

Extracurricular Options

Organized extracurricular activities often prove an effective way to stave off boredom. As the National Center of Special Education Research reports, extracurricular participation has been tied to raises in student grades and improved self-esteem. If your child returns home from school only to tell you that he is bored, encourage him to enroll in a school sport, student organization or other extracurricular option.

Developing Skill

Instead of spending her time bored at home, your teen could be building her skills. Enroll your teen in a class at the local art museum, an out-of-school sports team or a scholastic enrichment program, such as a reading club. Activities of this type not only give teens the opportunity to build their existing skills, they also fill their calendar with events.

Academic Emphasis

If your teen has a lot of time on his hands, he could benefit from dedicating at least some of this time to studying. The next time your teen mentions that he is bored, check up on his grades. If they leave a little bit to be desired, make him an offer. Tell him that if he successfully improves his grades, you will give him something he wants, be it a trip to the local amusement park or a new video game. With this extra incentive, your teen may find the motivation he needs to hit the books harder.

Earning a Buck

Bored teens can cure their boredom and prepare for the financial rigors of higher education by taking a job. Help your teen find a job, and sock at least part of her earnings away to cover education costs. A job will fill some of her time, will give her new skills and will ensure that she has the funds to go out and do things with her friends to break her boredom.

Impact of Lighting

While it may seem that lighting has little to do with boredom, a November 2010 "Daily Telegraph" article states that at least one England school is trying out a blue-tinted light. This light, marketed under the name SchoolVision, is intended to reduce "drowsy indifference" among teen students and keep them more focused on the lessons at hand. If it proves effective, other schools may adopt similar technology to aid their teens.

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