Why I Wore Stilettos To A Toddler’s Birthday Party
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Why I Wore Stilettos To A Toddler’s Birthday Party

This is so much more than about shoes, ladies. Despite my commitment to “keep things fabulous” after having my baby, I found myself falling into an “I’m not in the mood for anything” type of mode the past few months… translating into less lipstick here, more unwashed hair there and wearing running shoes for errands that don’t involve going to the gym (Rachel Zoe, please forgive me).

One of my recent stops included the Ladies’ Lounge at one of my fave department stores… where I walked into the following scene: a fabulously-dressed mommy with a pair of fabulous legs (attached to an even more fabulous pair of spiked heels) was nursing her TWO WEEK OLD baby. Not kidding. Work it sister. Granted, she was relatively makeup-less, but her outfit and hip vibe made up for it. Believe it or not, I was once that brand-spankin’ new mom who donned sky-high pumps just weeks after my little girl was born (almost a year ago now) to prove to myself and the rest of the world that I would remain “fabulous” regardless. Upon seeing her, I snapped back to reality and glared down at my flat, boring, frumpy shoes, thinking “What the hell did I put on today?” Thanks to this complete stranger of a hot new mom, I was instantly reinvigorated to find my fab self again. And finding my fab self hinged on getting my tootsies back into sexy shoes. True, we can all have down days, but if you know what perks you up and gets you back into your groove, then why not do it and boost your mood? High heels get my groove on. Period. I feel hot in them. I feel young in them. I feel smarter in them. I’m more productive in them.

So, I’m making extra efforts these days to slink into my spiky, slinky, sexy shoes and tromp off to wherever I’m headed… including a toddler’s loud and crazy birthday party at one of those indoor kid’s gym facilities. What idiot goes to a facility lined with rubber mats and jungle gyms that goes by the name ‘Under the Sea’ dressed like she’s going to a Black Eyed Peas concert? ME. And I was damn proud of it. It had to be done. Yes, I felt judgmental looks from the other mommies in their jeans and running shoes (after all, I’m often on that side too). But I didn’t care. I needed to wear the MILF shoes right then and there to get my mojo back. And just like that, my energy returned. (Let the record state that my little mini-me was rocking a leapord-print tutu and matching bow.)

So thank you, Mommy-in-the-Ladies-Lounge! You reminded me how to feel like me! I’m not implying that one needs to find fulfillment in material things, but sometimes you just feel off. It’s like those days you need chocolate. Or coffee. (Or high heels.) For me, the heels work for giving me an instant mood boost. (I’m not too proud to admit that I feel better when I look better.) That mood boost then turns into a giggle (for the ridiculousness of the situation), which then turns into an energy surge, which then turns into a day of productivity. For others, it’s something else (red lipstick, a leather jacket, heavy black eyeliner). Know and accept what works for you, shamelessly rock it on your off-days (no matter where you’re going!) and magically become a major Supermom (just kidding, but you just might feel like one for a few hours… I did)!

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