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Cool Kid Costume Ideas

Don’t spend money on a cheap, pre-made Halloween or dress-up costume for your child. Spend a few minutes being creative and make your own. A homemade costume is likely to last longer than a store bought plastic or polyester one. Making a cool costume together also gives you an opportunity to spend time with your kid.

Fairy Princess

If your child takes dance lessons, you most likely already have the main components of a fairy princess costume at home. All you need to make are wings and a wand. Coat a clean chopstick in glitter glue or metallic paint and tape strings of tinsel to the top for the wand. Make the wings by cutting the hooks off two wire hangers, and then bend the hangers into a diamond shape. Pull the one leg of an old pair of pantyhose or tights over each hanger, pushing the hangers all the way down to the feet. Cut off the excess pantyhose, leaving about 3 inches extra on each. Tie the ends together. Place a piece of adhesive-backed hook-and-loop fastener in the center of the wings. Put the other piece of hook-and-loop fastener on the back of a leotard and attach the wings. Give you child a tulle tutu to wear along with the wand and wings.

Cardboard Robot

Find a clean cardboard box that is slightly wider than your child. Measure the child’s head and cut a circle in the top of the box that is slightly bigger than the head measurement. Cut out the bottom of the box for your child’s body and legs. Cut two armholes on the sides. Spray paint the box with silver paint, and then decorate it with painted or glued-on buttons. Make an aluminum foil hat for your child to wear as well.


Stuff four black or brown adult-sized socks with polyester fiber filling or plastic bags. Stitch the open ends of two of the socks to the bottom hem of a black or other neutral colored sweatshirt, one sock on each side. Stitch the open ends of the other two socks to the hips of a pair of dark-colored pants. If you want, give the spider costume markings by painting a red circle on the shirt’s stomach or by painting an interesting design on the shirt and pants. Look at images of real spiders for inspiration. Glue googly eyes to a black ski cap.


Make a hippie costume with your child by creating a tie-dye T-shirt together. Turn an old pair of jeans that still fit her into bell bottoms by cutting up the calves of jeans and sewing a triangle of fabric into the opening. Part her hair in the middle and tie a bandanna around her forehead.

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