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Best Gifts for a Husband On Valentine’s Day

While you likely tell your husband that you love him daily, Valentine’s Day provides the perfect opportunity to present him with a tangible token of your esteem. As this annual celebration of love approaches, consider some presents that may especially please your husband. By buying him an uncommonly original gift this Valentine’s day, you can convey that you care enough to dedicate time to careful gift selection.

Digital Photo Key chain

If your husband enjoys showing off images of his family, give him a portable electronic device that allows him to do just that. With a digital photo key chain, your husband can carry digital images on his keys. After loading this present with pictures, he can show off his favorite images and brag about his family wherever he may go.

Game Tickets for Two

Sports-loving husbands would likely delight in receiving tickets to their favorite sporting events. Buy your other half a set of tickets to an upcoming sporting event. Pair this present with a promise to attend the event without complaint. This gift makes it clear that you know what he likes and shows your husband that you are willing to step outside your comfort zone to spend time with him.


Handy hubbies often enjoy receiving tools. While these gifts may not seem the most romantic, to a home-repair buff, a gift of tools is always appreciated. Select an uncommon tool that your husband does not already possess, or instead buy him an upgraded version of a tool that he uses often. If in doubt as to what your husband needs to complete his tool collection, ask one of his handy friends for guidance.

Relaxation Passes

Give your husband the gift of time by presenting him with a collection of relaxation passes this Valentine’s day. To give your husband this gift, create tickets containing heart images and labeled with the words “Relaxation Pass.” Tell your husband that he can use these passes whenever he wants to spend some time lounging in place of completing tasks on his honey-do list. After giving him these passes, be prepared to honor his wishes and allow him to trade them in for time lounging on the sofa or drinking some brews with buddies.

Romantic Bedroom Game

Add some excitement to your Valentine’s night bedroom time by giving your husband a romantic bedroom game. Seek a game that adds a romantic spin to a classic favorite, such as naughty darts or love dice. After giving your husband this playful gift, retire to the bedroom to put your present to use and engage in a night of Valentine’s Day romance.

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