Hair Care During Pregnancy
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Hair Care During Pregnancy

For many women, pregnancy can seem like one good hair day after another. Sure, you may have major morning sickness and fall asleep before the evening news, but your hair is thick and shiny enough to star in a shampoo commercial. Still, taking care of your hair during pregnancy can also be a little tricky because you might need to forgo some of your usual hair care methods.

The Facts

Your hair seems thicker during pregnancy because it stays in the resting phase — and on your head — longer than it does when you’re not pregnant, making your hair fuller. Most days, you lose around 100 strands of hair as part of your hair’s normal growth cycle, but when you’re pregnant, that number drops dramatically. If you’re in the habit of using volume-boosting shampoo or products for thin hair, you may want to re-think your products to match your now-fuller mane.

Taking Good Care

A good pregnancy hair care routine should include a diet rich in healthy fruits and vegetables, as this will ensure your hair grows in strong and looks its best during its long life. It’s also a good idea to baby your hair by untangling it from the bottom up with a wide-tooth comb and minimize heat-styling to prevent damage.

Expert Insight

A healthy self image is important for pregnant women, and with your body changing so dramatically over the course of your pregnancy, now may not be the best time to take risks with your hair. If skipping your highlights or weekly blowouts will make you feel less than beautiful and your doctor gives you the go-ahead, there’s no reason not to stick with your hair care routine.

What’s Safe

If you color your hair, it’s probably safe to continue doing so during pregnancy. But don’t schedule an appointment until your second trimester because your developing baby is especially vulnerable during those first three months of pregnancy. And make sure your stylist colors your hair in a well-ventilated space so that you’re not breathing in fumes.

What’s Not Safe

Skip chemical hair straightening during pregnancy, as the potent chemicals used to straighten hair can come into contact with your scalp. Chemicals can enter your body through your skin and potentially affect your baby’s development. Always follow your doctor’s recommendations about hair care procedures and products to avoid during pregnancy because she’s familiar with the particulars of your body and situation.

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