African American Hairstyles for Kids
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African American Hairstyles for Kids

African American hairstyles come in a range of lengths. However, some types of hairstyles may not be the best for children, as they put a lot of tension on the hair or require a lot of styling product, both of which can cause hair damage and lead to future hair problems. Depending on how active your child is and how much time you have on your hands, you may want to stick to the simplest styles possible.

The Fade

A popular style for boys, the fade is a great choice if your son is the type who won’t sit still for frequent combing. Hair on the sides of the head is cut very close to the scalp while the hair on the top of the head is short, usually less than half an inch. The hair on the top becomes gradually shorter from the front of the head towards the back and the nape of the neck. To keep the fade style looking sharp, you will have to take your son to the barber every few weeks to get a trim. On a day-to-day basis, you won’t need to comb the hair and should only have to shampoo it once a week.

Simple Braids

You don’t need to take your daughter to the salon to get her hair braided. A collection of simple braids all over her head is a cute look for a girl under the age of 10. Shampoo and condition her hair before starting to style it. Dry it until it’s damp, then comb through the hair to remove any knots. Using a comb, part her hair starting in front of one ear and going across the top of her head to the other ear, creating two sections. Gather the front section into a side ponytail, and then braid it. Gently secure the braid with a hair elastic. Divide the remaining hair into two sections by parting it across the back of the skull. Divide the hair in the middle of the scalp into two sections. Braid each section, then wrap a hair elastic around the ends. Divide the remaining hair into two sections and braid each section. Be gentle and don’t tug on the hair too tightly when you braid it.


Let your child’s beautiful curls shine by leaving her hair natural and loose. Apply a leave-in or deep conditioner to her hair two or three times a week to keep the hair properly hydrated and to prevent it from drying and frizzing. Add a bit of gel to the leave-in conditioner to keep the hair in place. Run the gel and conditioner through your child’s damp hair with a comb. Let the hair air dry.

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