February Astrology
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February Astrology

The early February planetary lineup in Aquarius, along with a Libra moon and Jupiter in Gemini, makes for a lot of air which inclines towards verbosity –  but of course with many innovative and original ideas bandied about, so typical of Aquarius. This preponderance of  “refined air,” the label attached to Aquarius, IS technology’s true Homeland.

The New Moon of the 9th ushers in the Year of the Snake, and there’s more to say on this seductive yet potentially troublesome Asian Zodiac animal year.

Later in this, the shortest month, besides two retrogrades, Saturn on the18th and Mercury the 24th, we have a strong lineup of six Piscean planets, calling for introspection and spiritual awakenings- almost the exact opposite of the first half of this month.

February 2013

The “Age of Aquarius” arrived some years ago, although who knows the exact date since there have been so many discussions on its actual timing but it’s here for the next millennium, along with your ipads and tech devices. Who knows what will come next? The end of cursive writing is here, no more nicely handwritten notes? Aquarian technology can stretch out into many dimensions, using just a certain part of our brains, it does however bring up the question of what price will be paid to which cortex?

The true Aquarian nature carries traits similar to its opposite, Leo. There is a sort of aristocratic Downton Abbey cast to the mannerisms and preferences of those whose personal planets, like Venus in Aquarius for instance, who don’t like to date men with poor grammar. (I’m convinced Lady Sybil didn’t have this Venus in her poor tragic chart, married as she was to the, ahem, chauffeur.)

For those of you more interested in the dynamics of astrology and who would like to check their own planetary placements, like moon and rising signs, use this link to Lunarium to find the degree of your moon and sun.

Early February begins with an immediate shift of Mars into Pisces and Venus into Aquarius, no time wasted here as the traditional lovers of the sky switch roles: we find Aquarian Venus moving into a more dominant mental space and Mars docile and not too assertive in his waterbed.

February 4th is a  big day in the world, so much is happening!! Mercury is still in his place of brilliance, the moon in Scorpio rides with the north lunar node, it’s a signature time of definition through the 6th. I am taking note.

The detached nature of Aquarius usually lends a calm cerebral element to those debates and matters needing to be solved.

I am especially happy with February 5-7th, so many strong conjunctions happening, the early Piscean planets blend nicely with the air trio, ideas disseminate, inspiration flows and the cheerful Sag moon is there as well.

The 8, 9th could foment some disagreements with Mars this close to Mercury. I find however, that this can be creative. And I like the Capricorn moon for it’s stability and teamwork with Pluto.

This lineup continues with Venus paralleling the Sun through the 18th and Mars meeting up with Mercury for about 10 more days. Talk about opposites sharing a bunk. Mars is weakest in Pisces, and Mercury blows bubbles under water, won’t this be fun? Are you born under the first part of the sign of the fish? If so, lots of disputes litter your yard, hopefully you might have some Aquarius in your chart to clear out what’s unimportant.

The time leading up to the new moon contains high energy, and since more on the mundane level can be achieved prior to the18th, try to settle matters by then.

The New Moon in Aquarius, February 9th and 10th at 11:20 PST, also falls under the Vedic star Danistha, indicating the wealthiest or most beneficent. It’s a very lucky and social placement often symbolized by a musical drum. Dance, music, and sports excel here, in case you have some February 9 and10 birthdays in your life.

This should greatly enhance communication, aided by the additional Aquarian planets at this time as well as some strong assistance from Mars and Saturn. It’s a good idea to see where this sun and moon in Aquarius land in your own chart. A new chapter in whatever area that calls for is indicated. And it involves cheerful Venus!

As a lover of symbols and synchronicities, I find it very meaningful in that this New Moon in Danistha, (mid Aquarius) also heralds the beginning of the year of the Water Snake, identical to its description of 1953. Snake years and snake persons are very business minded, thrifty, intelligent, not overly generous while also emitting sensuality and intelligence.

Controlled spending, mediation and general business skills take priority here, which is a good thing in view of our current financial dilemmas.

Previous Snake years have tended to see financial and governments overturned, like 1941, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001. As a “traveling star”, a snake year finds involvement with all modes of travel, and one is to be forewarned of the dangers. We may not expect the world to be that peaceful in 2013. Harkening back to our own Western view of the sky, the ongoing conflict between hidden but powerful Pluto and quirky Uranus continues to recreate similar patterns reminiscent of the 60’s and will move into exact collision formation in May.

The Tibetan New Year called “Losar” follows a day later than the Chinese celebrations. Mardi Gras and then Ash Wednesday, the12th and 13th, have especially strong aspects with Mars and Saturn, who are for once getting along, and with Chiron helping out to boot.

The 12th comes in with a powerful healing aspect.  Chiron is involved with Mars and Saturn and a Pisces moon, as well. Use this day to your advantage. “Use Astrology “ I say, take advantage of the good aspects like these, for whatever you need to accomplish.

February 14th shines with a sparkling Aries moon harmonizing with the Sun, and on the16th we’re still riding along with this uplift.

An energetic shift occurs on the 18th, when the Sun enters Pisces, and Saturn moves into stationary retrograde, moving away from the social Aquarian energies into days of deeper introspection. Helpful though, is the moon lively in Gemini, blending with Uranus, and conjoined to Jupiter. In spite of a Mars square, this is a lot of mental action. A curious day is President’s Day, and not to be overlooked, we have had more Aquarian Presidents than any other sign. (William Harrison, Franklin Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, William McKinley.)

February 20th’s Cancerian moon’s squabbles with that Uranus Pluto duo, does not make for smooth communicating, and add to this the recent retrogrades of Saturn and Mercury, just to confuse things even more. Expect emotions to run high and most likely steam will come out.

February 23rd’s Mars square to Jupiter brings on quite a bit of mental action and Mercury slowing down to turn retrograde shortly, at 1:41 am PST, makes things cloudy and indecisive. Not even Lincoln himself could reconcile two opposing factions on a day like this when the moon brings such disappointment via Saturn. Better wait until March 17th when hermaphrodite Mercury goes direct then, to make clear plans for travel, business, etc.

Sunday, February 24th, is Oscar night, the Academy Awards, and with Mars so close to Mercury, a Zero dark horse might become Unchained and upset the Playbook, leaving no Silver Lining, Argo (ergo?) this could leave a few Djangled and Miserable, eating humble Pi, as this Piscean cast of planets makes for an unpredictable outcome in the Southern Wilds of Hollywood this night.

This leads up to the February 25th Full Moon in earthy Virgo, whose nakshatra, or house placement in Purva Pulgani, said to bring luck and good fortune, adds a certain quality that speaks to spiritual advancement. Here it is possible, on the wings of the recent Buddhist new year ceremonies no less, for those more evolved souls to offer assistance to others not so blessed.

The Sun in secretive Shatabhishak, also referred to as “the 100 physicians”, speaks to what is visionary and futuristic in this sliver of the galaxy.

If ever there was time when Heaven and Earth could meet, it could be now when altruism, hope, and healing converge in the sky, anchored by a perfect moon in practical Virgo.

Almost immediately, 12:26 pm PST, Venus enters the Piscean party now making six the congregation in Neptune’s realm, which all adds up to a very interior time, whereby imaginative episodes can be released and explorations arise from the unconscious.

So this might well be the time for ‘paper, pen, brushes and quills, with music and singing over the hills’ (I couldn’t resist!) Leave the iPhone, iPad, iEverything at home.

February 28th – Ah, an intriguing day, and such a powerful indication for the year ahead. Romance is in the air with Venus and Neptune and Chiron all bundled in a Piscean shell where love is nearby. A strong push from Mars (linking back to mid November’s eclipse, for you advanced students) launches us into early March whereby some decisions will come down in spite of the two retrogrades and many mutable (changeable) planets in the sky. A Libra moon closes the month as she began it, harmonizing peacefully with Jupiter in Gemini.

DAYS OF POWER: FEBRUARY 2, 4, 6,13,16,18,23,25*


November 1, 2, 3, with Saturn turning around and crossing your sun all month; it’s time to step back and reassess your physical as well as other resources. Mid-month comes a big assist from brother Mars.

This placement of Saturn will have special impact for hippie generation birthdays, especially 1946-50, because Saturn will square their Plutos in Leo for most of 2013 and thereby activate, if it isn’t happening already, some dilemmas of power, personal, public, health, take your pick.

January 28, 29, sees moments of delightfulness near February 7,8, and into the new moon weekend.

March 25, 26, 27, thought things might be getting better but the Uranian hammer is gliding over you for one last time, only to be gone by late March, forever. And yes there may have been some excitement but I can think of better ways than a roller coaster without seatbelts.

November 12, 13, These may be times of exploring visions of supreme success, don’t be afraid of this, it could be very real.

July, 1, 2, 3, oh the Pluto challenges to your ego, desires, and career endeavors. Things are in the blender and will come out differently but it’ll be ok in the end. This can represent certain challenges in your relationship to an actual father figure, a boss or your view of who’s in control.

February 21, 22, 23, so many planets in Pisces activating your soul’s path now. The spiritual aspect is supreme, what a gift to dwell in this bubble right now,  especially as Neptune over your sun can bring some harsh events – but your true nature is a deeply spiritual one anyway.

May 27, 28, how nice for you to have the grand air trine of Venus and Jupiter on your team in the first half f the month. Your plans should work out well.

May 11-13, here is the soul challenge of Ketu the little demon sliding over your sun, just to test you, keep your head down and above all, keep believing in spite of what you may see as a loss of power and/or identity. Nothing stays in one place forever in the sky.

March 6, 7, 8, these fish will experience some questionable and confusing moments around the end of February especially when Mars jumps all over them and then Mercury retrogrades over their heads, You said “What…?”

August 2, 3, cheer up little Leo, it’s a bummer only for a little while and yes, they are making you work far more than you deserve. You didn’t get a flu shot yet? Maybe it’s not too late.

February 28 An intriguing day if you are born here, such a powerful indication for your year ahead, romance is for certain and a dynamic karmic event is looking at you

November 28 sigh, this late month full moon sparks the lunar eclipse of your last birthday, you aren’t out of the woods yet with certain matters. But time is the healer and the Piscean nature of this moment is, at its highest and best, more conducive to forgive and forget.

March 12 – Read February 28th

For more personal insights you may check into www.SerenaCarroll.com or email: SerenaCarrollAstrology@gmail.com

This is also a great resource for everyone interested in knowing their moon and rising sign degrees, as well as the sun, which you probably know anyway.: www.lunarium.co.uk

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