September Astrology Reading
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September Astrology Reading

Fairly harmonious are the very early days of September, coming off of the new moon of August 28th, which always sets the pace for the following 14 days.  The nice relationship of planets in earthy signs bodes well for birthdays on or near the  first days of September, January and May. The sun or life principle of these  birth charts is enhanced  and stabilized. These influences will remain throughout the year because they are contained within the grid of the solar return or birthday, chart. It speaks to financial and emotional strength, depending upon where it falls in your particular chart, but overall it’s a very positive and encouraging aspect. Overall the month inclines towards a spiritual set of aspects, as explained further down

On a grander scale this trine of earth energies will help with correcting balances and adjusting financial statements. After all, among her other talents, Virgo is the  practical bookkeeper. The turmoil in the broader markets might benefit from this for a short while, but the greater picture is of course Pluto forging a path through Capricorn, which is overturning all of our established structures.

The practical level headed mindset ushered in at this time of year always inspires the collective to focus on new regimes, diets, new studies. Why is that school years always begin under the Virgo Sun? The aspects for the launch of this particular school year (if day one is close to  late August or early September) will be  very promising for many students . (Astrologers look at charts for businesses, marriages and other endeavors besides birth dates of individuals. )

Less intense than the rather ferocious events of the past month the key moments of drama would be the full moon of the 12th, the time around the 16th and late in the month around the 26th.

September 5th the moon moving  into Capricorn  early am PDT, sets off a slight collision with Pluto and Uranus, the markets  will re-open, school years resume.

Luckily the harmony between Mars and Venus helps somewhat and Saturn lends a begrudging  hand and the moon’s trines to Jupiter will bring some uplifting moments and a bit of relief.

The 7th and 8th find a wonderful connection from the Moon to Venus, a moment of helpful kindness and artistic endeavors, and then the opposition to Mars later on the 8th could find some emotional fireworks. Throughout these 4 days the nice angle between Mars and Venus assists any sort of partnership or romantic activities.

There has persisted an erroneous mythology about the nature of Virgo. In the ancient world, she was a priestess, possibly the consort of and advisor to, the ruler, but not his spouse — she was an independent  entity, separate unto herself but available in an advisory and spiritual capacity, her sexuality was certainly not eliminated The prudishness of Virgo is misunderstood, discriminating is more like it.

The Sept 9th  opposition between Mercury and Neptune could cause some confusion and delusion; it’s not a great moment for serious decision making.  Wait till the fog clears in a day or so.

The full moon of  September 11th,12th, in 19 Pisces forms a square to the nodes and  this is a key moment for these specific 10-13th September birthdays and also for the 10, 11, 12, 13 of June, December, March.

The conflict lies in letting go of the past and move into the present.

This is a spiritual conflict, having to do with karma from the past and the perfection of one’s own soul…however that may play out for you.

This is probably the most perfect time for a retreat, and seeking spiritual renewal. If this means a fast or cleanse, then be as still as possible.  There was a reason why silence and fasting  always went hand in hand, to enhance one’s own deep inner resources and source of strength. This being the traditional understanding of Virgo, as the healer who is concerned with diet and health, is most at play here until the 16th.

These birthdays ( mentioned above) are dealing with a dynamic and intense cross bar, or karmic square, that will act like a cattle prod, as if you weren’t dealing with enough problems anyway. Only adding to these times of major decision for you is the fact that the June 15th eclipse, is being called into play – again. A difficult issue, or sense of nagging insecurity, you have tried to ignore will make their presence known again, and you  will have to deal with it now. Full moons are times when matters hidden come to the surface and are “seen”.

For many  others too, but  especially  those mentioned, it’s a make it or break it time, a moment to cross the bridge and leave the past behind, whether literal or emotional.

The contrast between the Sun, now in a small degree section of Virgo  named Poorva Phulgani, connected to luxury, and also “wedding bliss” symbolized by a couch bed,  lies in exact opposition and contrast  to the Pisces Moon generally assigned a more spiritual path but here holds a slightly different twist due to its degree assignment.

With the long name of Purvabadraphada, this particular segment of the Pisces moon, represented by ashes in Vedic (Hindu) astrology,  lies in exact contrast to the sun,  and is dedicated to remembering the dead, the ancestors who passed before – just as we are now commemorating the nearly 3000 lost souls  of 9/11 with a national day of prayers and ceremonies.

On a more mundane level, be watchful that your words don’t burn and turn into ashes.

The strength and definitiveness of this time, September 17-19, is aided by the nice relationship between Mercury to Pluto, information and communication regarding business matters in particular, are enhanced.

On September 16th,17th, Pluto slowly turns from a stationery place into direct motion, a powerful indication of events moving forward.  With the moon joining Jupiter in Taurus this is a very strong day indeed. Plan something! September 17-20 Venus opposite Uranus and square to Pluto  produces another intense time of strong action, and should  your birthday fall at this time, also  true for March 23, 24, hold on for an interesting ride in the relationship ring this year. It will be hard to have things go your way.

On Sept 20th the entrance of Mars into Leo  brings a renewed zest as the warrior planet returns to a fire element where he shines, and right at the time of the Autumnal Equinox, one of the  four corners of the year. There is an exact fiery trine to Uranus on the 23rd, the actual moment of the Sun ‘s entrance into Libra and the beginning of Fall.

To all my friends with a Venus in early fire signs (Sag, Aries, Leo) –  bring out that red dress now.

This nice fire energy will help with the approaching square of Pluto to Uranus and the Sun, since these later days of September have their share of problems, with the conflicting square patterns – frustration, irritation let’s hope it’s only that.

September 22nd  and 23rd are slightly better times, with a Cancer into Leo moon coinciding with Mars.  The vedic indication of the Punarvasu moon whose “quiver of arrows” symbolism sparks action along with the Sun moving into Libra and the Autumnal Equinox, one of the four corners of the year.

The moon moving into late Leo on the 24th and  opposing Neptune could bring some confusing moments along with a deceptive quincunx from Mercury to Neptune. Oh a great weekend for storytelling and delusions, movie time, indulge in a good book, because Monday will bring more of the square to Pluto and Uranus with only some  slight help from a Virgo moon whose earthiness reunites with Jupiter and Pluto.

September 26-Sept 27th , 4:10 am, is the exactitude of the new moon into Libra.  Oh the aspects are intense – a square here nasty angle from Mars, be ever watchful. It’s not a pretty time.

The actions of Pluto and Uranus are still the main markers of this era, sparring other overhead for four more years. Blame them for the Spring or Fall, for creating the serious scenarios of financial and global upheaval in which we find ourselves. Revolutions come in many colors and sizes.

It’s still remains a cautionary tale for those late September, December, March and June birthdays.

As we head towards the new  moon of September 27th, I am reminded of baby Sam, a 3-year-old  genius who asked, ”What was wrong with the old moon?”

Yes, about the moon,  and this new moon begins a sacred time in several religious traditions.  Hindus honor the triple goddess (Durga, Saraswati, Lakshmi) all aspects of the divine feminine, with the 9 night festival of Navaratri.  The High Holy days of the Jewish New Year, begin  with the festive night of Rosh Hashanna (29th) and continue for almost 10 days into Yom Kipper.

The five planets in Libra on the 28th, 29th make for a serious combination of Venusian ruled vibes calling for balance.

Look to see where this lands in your own chart, it will be a strong influence for sure. The close contact of less than a degree between Venus and Saturn  create a harshness referred to as a “planetary war”.  I’m thinking especially of October 9-12 birthdays, who are already feeling a bit crushed by the Karma Planet and now Venus is trying to lighten the load, let’s hope she can help.

Moving onto September 29th, 30th, we find Venus and Saturn standing  too close together, creating what is known as a ”planetary war”, which one has the upper hand? Be astute with your finances and commitments here. Another tight conjunction between Sun and Mercury, plus the Sun’s square to Pluto, make for strong mental day. It’s a time to look  into shadowy places, deal with trust issues, all of which can be seen under the Scorpio moon.

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