Why We Are Like Mama Bears
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Why We Are Like Mama Bears

When my sons and I finished watching BEARS, the Disney Nature movie, I never thought my life would parallel that family of bears so much. The journey that the Mama Bear takes with her two cubs is really no different than the journey that we modern day parents are taking with our children.

Like the Mama Bear I need to teach my children so many life lessons to survive in this world. The necessary life lessons like respecting themselves and others, don’t litter, be kind to others, always lend a helping hand so that they can function it the ‘real world’ are a given, but teaching my children to listen to their instincts and to trust themselves is something that they need to first understand the importance and then hone the ability to queue into and listen to their gut and inner voice.

Today, in this day and age (yes, I said it, yes I know it has aged me!) as parents our natural instinct is to protect our children from all the evils of the World and today the World is a lot different than when I stayed out all day and played ringolevio until the lamppost went out.

Yes, there are more positive opportunities for our children – opportunities to expand their minds, trying to try new adventures and find their passion but more opportunities for trouble as well. Our technological advances will continue to expand which will result in more of everything: cyber bullying, drug abuse, for connecting with the wrong individuals, for making poor decisions based on their immediate wants and desires.

I will protect my child like that fierce Mama Bear at all costs but I will also give my boys the abilities to protect themselves as well. I will take on the hard lessons and teach my children the skills to tap into their natural instincts. To fight when they need to and to relent when it’s necessary. Because there will come a time, although I dread that moment, that my children will need to distinguish what is right from wrong, rely on themselves to make good decisions, trust and love themselves on their own.

We, along with that Mama Bear, know that parenting is hard and that every age comes with different challenges, these new challenges will guide us on our parenting journey and will bring joy, love and some pain as we rear our children to become wonderful adults or ummm Bears!

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