Get The Scoop On Brown Sugar!
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Get The Scoop On Brown Sugar!


How many times have you opened a box or bag of brown sugar, used a cup for your recipe, and then gone back a few weeks later to make a new batch of cookies only to find that your sugar is dry and clumped all together?

You have to get out a hammer and chisel just to break off a bit at a time and try to pack it into a measuring cup. It’s laborious, frustrating, and time wasting.

We’ve been there.

So when The Sugar Mommas heard about Redi-Measure pre-measured pouches of 1/4 cup light brown sugar from Imperial Sugar, we knew we had to get our hands on some!

This is not as easy as it sounds since we’re in California and Redi-Measure is currently only available in LA, AL, GA, MS, FL, NC, SC (and in smaller shops across the US).

For our honorary Southern Sugar Mommas, we envy your easy access, but the rest of you shouldn’t give up hope. Keep an eye out for this product in stores near you:


Aside from the obvious convenience of pre-measured packages, there is the added bonus of that soft, moist freshness every time you open a pouch, with no need to break a nail chiseling away. Oh glorious day. It’s the little things in life that give us pleasure.

Add this to your grocery list – and you’re welcome.

Happy Baking,

The Sugar Mommas

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