Show Me Seasons! A Fun Seasonal Clothes Activity
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Show Me Seasons! A Fun Seasonal Clothes Activity

The weather is changing! As we move into fall, the days get shorter and the temperatures drop. It’s time to break out the hot chocolate, and it’s also a great time to teach your little one about seasons and clothing.

Make it a fun family activity – have your child help you switch out the summer clothes for fall and winter clothes. Explain that as the planet revolves around the sun, the seasons change, and as the weather gets colder, we need to dress in warmer clothing.

Ask your child to help you identify which clothes are for the summer and which clothes are for the winter, and then sort them accordingly.

Here’s a great seasonal clothes activity that helps young children with language and concept development.

Show Me What Season


Photos of people in summer clothes (shorts and t-shirts, bathing suits, sundresses)

Photos of people in winter clothes (snowboots, heavy jackets, mittens, scarves)

Photos of people in rainy day clothes (rainboots, raincoat, umbrella)

Construction Paper

Tape or glue



With your child, gather pictures of people dressed for different types of weather. They can be old family photos, computer print-outs, or pictures from magazines. Lay all the pictures out on a table or other clear surface. Be sure to mix them up! Then ask your child to match the pictures – “Which people are dressed for summer?”

Talk with your child about how the pictures are related, and how the change in seasons can also mean a change in temperature.

Write, or have your child write, the names of each season on a piece of construction paper. Tape or glue the pictures onto the appropriate paper. You can also ask your child to draw pictures of other things that go with that season, like sunglasses in the summer. It’s a great way to spend time together and encourage your child’s creativity!

Skills Learned

  • Language Development
  • Concept Development
  • Classifying


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