March Astrology
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March Astrology

Dear everyone, here comes March and what do we have? The Sun,  Mercury, Venus, Mars,  Neptune, Chiron, all swimming in the emotional waterworld of  the ocean god.  This is just how last month ended, with Mercury and Saturn retrograde, causing us to look backwards and review and re-investigate various details and make some changes.

Matters are not settled completely, although the one strong angle from Mars to the moon’s node will bring a welcome element and a long awaited gift to certain water types, maybe that’s you?  As for the rest of us, we might need flood insurance to offset the emotional wave tsunami.

Later in the month comes the big swerve into Aries, an athletic daring do marathon runner type of energy, such a contrast to the beginning of this month. Let’s begin.

Personally, I welcome this sort of rare occurrence (6 planets in Pisces in early March), being one who likes to dive deeper, see all the beautiful creatures under the sea, and explore different avenues of creativity. This is the sort of aspect writers and artists of all sorts should relish. Now you business types just wait, your turn will come and there is certainly a great amount of creativity that goes into contract and deal making.

How apropos that the new Vicar of Rome will be chosen under this conclave of Piscean planets, which are generally held to be the overseers of our spiritual/religious inclinations.  Not to be overlooked are the undercurrents swirling about as to the true nature of Pope Benedict’s retirement,  all true to Neptunian character. It’s spiritual yes, and with elements of delusion and confusion added in.  Still this is very important as the papal throne stands empty as of  March 1, and he is after all, the designated Bishop or Papa (Latin for Pope) of the purportedly 1.2 billion Catholics on the planet.

I suspect that just when the Aries energy sparks a new beginning, mid month, we’ll be seeing the results of the secret sequester in the Sistine chapel, and finally the white smoke heralding the new Pope!

Mercury retrograde, until March 17th, is such a widely discussed issue, and really, not all that unusual, happening as it does three times a year for 21-22 days at a time.  When it occurs in water, for example,  as now,  it has been seen to cause more confusion then when it’s in an air sign. Life has to move on, contracts must be signed, of course it’s better to wait until the time period rights itself, but some things can’t be helped.

Here’s where it’s really helpful to look up and see your own chart to see where this party in Pisces is taking place, where and which house will be affected? [Use this link to Lunarium to find the degree of your moon and sun.]

March 2, 3d, the Scorpio moon works nicely with Mars and Venus in Pisces, really a nice weekend in fact.  And Friday may have brought some really good news! The additional helpful angle from Saturn brings out the best, his sturdy hand adding levity and gravity to whatever dreamy ideas you may have.

March 4, 5th the Sagittarian moon slides into an active place to connect with Jupiter and Uranus, prepare for an energy boost and a higher activity level. Venus riding through Pisces is in her highest and best  place, which is so helpful for all those in helping fields, or non profit organizations of the highest calling.

March 6, 7th,  Here with Venus, Mercury and Saturn and Pluto all exactly matched up by degree, it’s a clear moment, in a murky unclear three weeks,  to act, to open that account, get a refund for that cruise, or whatever defining practical matter it is that you have been putting off.  I find this to be a “power day” and I go back to my mantra of “use astrology “ when it’s right and the aspects are working for you, so jump in.

March 8, 9, 10th,  As we head in into the  “dark of the moon” time, the last of the calmer water days make for a rather benign weekend, without too much drama and a thankful Aquarian moon to add some bright mental lights Friday morning. Vedic Mercury and Chiron, close together  in the house of the “100 physicians”,  makes for healing  aspect which could be utilized to full advantage.

Sunday, a 23 hour day, with Daylight Savings at 2 am , sees a nice angle from the Sun to the North node or Rahu, and all are lining up to greet the New Moon in Pisces, 12:51 pm. Monday.

March 11, 12, Here’s where the month changes, and all the mermaids and mermen can float up to the surface and exchange their fins for feet, the part of the body ruled by Pisces.  Mars enters his own sign of Aries, and Venus connects with the sun and moon for an added romantic dash.  It’s a dynamic time of new ideas and fresh starts, maybe a bit confusing with feet stepping over fins, but a charge ahead mentality nevertheless begins right here.

With a long and complicated Sanskrit sounding name of Purvabhadrapada,  this degree of the sun and moon meeting up, carries the lightest meaning of what is considered a more than difficult star. It is very Gemini like in its expression, and encourages curiosity and communication.  Unkind things have been said about Pisces, like “dustbin of the zodiac,” due to being ruler of the 12th, the “closet “ of the 12 houses.

Magical persons are born under this sign of the two fish looking in opposite directions, and let’s not forget that the single largest group of wealthiest  individuals in the fortune 500, are born between Feb 20 and March 20th.

The connection to other unseen worlds also falls under  Pisces. The Vedics refer to the funeral cot symbolism; I like to think of it is as hospice oriented, caring for the terminally ill, and compassionate above all. Many therapists and medical workers have a Moon or Venus in Pisces. Unconditional  and selfless love or “Agape”is to be found with those lucky enough to have an exalted Venus in Pisces.

March  13, 14th, significant days here with Venus connecting so tightly to the nodes and eclipse of last November, and an Aries moon connecting with Uranus just to rev it all up. But more importantly, Mars is moving into his home territory of Aries, sword in hand.

By the 15th the Taurean moon’s sextile to Mercury, trine to Pluto and opposition Saturn make for a grounded moment in a water month.  Practical matters call out for attention. The tides are shifting from water into fire. It’s a crucial moment in the Vedic world,  and not exactly a blessed one, so the Roman’s with their  “Ides of March” were on to something back then.

March 16, 17 Here comes the turning point, with Mercury going direct and the happy Gemini moon connecting with Jupiter, forming a  sextile to Uranus.  It’s a great day to hear “Habemus Papam”, if we can by then, I mean we should. In any case, all the Saints will be Marching In at the St Patrick’s Day Parade.

March 20, 21 marks the Spring Equinox, one of the four corners of the year.   The main aspects of the moon to Pluto, to Saturn and Mars, all occur early in the day, by afternoon, the moon goes “void of course” which means, it becomes flat, which is never a time to sign or finalize anything, not until after midnight tomorrow. However, with Venus marching into Aries, the month is becoming more Arian by the hour, leaving all that water behind.

March 22 is host to a raft of strong aspects, highly emotional and energized, needing to accomplish what couldn’t be done in the last 2 days.

March 23, 24th is a continuation of the day before. Mars conjunct Uranus and square to Pluto is not the friendliest of aspects, and the day calls for compromise and rationality.

March 26, Passover, is a calmer day in anticipation of tomorrow’s lunar riot.

March 27, Even though this full moon lands in early Libra, which we normally think of as calm and balance seeking, this particular  lunar segment in Joytish, known as “Hasta”or the ‘hand”,  carries an undeniable fiery quality.  This “hand” signification belongs to the merchant caste, and speaks to what the hand can turn, make or do. Is it a craft or craftiness, either way.

This lunation, loaded up under an Aries Sun with Mars and even sweet Venus herself all  tangled up with these war gods, makes for an intense asteroid impact kind of day.

This makes Thursday’s Scorpio moon seem tame by comparison, as Venus continues to be scorched by the Sun and Uranus. Ouch indeed. No soft femininity to be found here, not today. Moving into the holy days of Easter, mid day Friday the 29th has the heavier of the aspects. Maybe you’ll be in church then?

March 30,  31, Saturday, is benign with no aspects under the somewhat sanguine Sag moon harmonizing with all those Aries planets.

So it all happens on Easter,  with a mélange of aspects running the gamut of high emotions, revelations, resurrections, all of it, a power day for sure.

But this is what happens at family gatherings, and a joyful noise it is.

DAYS  Of  POWER: March 2,  4, 6!!, 10, 12, 17!, 22, 28, 31!


March 1, 2, The early month magnet of Mars to a prior eclipse point means this is a dynamic time for you, and it lasts all year!

November 11, 12,13  Mid month is your time! And it’s the new moon, even more of a triumph of emotions for you. The beginning of a new life chapter is here.

March 12, Very similar to the November 12, 13, because your birthday coincides with some stellar aspects that spell happiness.

May 30, Early in the month the squaring of Jupiter and the Pisces gang, upsets your equilibrium, but all evens out by months end under Aries fire.

June 29, Mars conjunct Uranus and square to Pluto later in March waves a red flag, don’t invite trouble, and avoid any dissension here. P.S, if this were me, I wouldn’t schedule tests beforehand that might give me some unpleasant results now, do that after this passes.

March 26, 27, September 26, 27, December 27,28  All of these birthdates have the final struggle of the radical Uranian planet along with the sun and Mars and Pluto to deal with, right around the 26th of this month,  and heading into the full moon no less! Best to take the Zen approach and turn aside, it will pass, but the dilemmas are too numerous to mention.

October 31, November 1,2, Saturn is crossing your Sun all this month, no doubt restricting your activities in some dour fashion.

When one obeys the dictates of Saturn, all is well, so rest, don’t overdo and invite disciplined activity into your routine and you will thrive. But it takes time.

May 1, 2, Some of this applies to you as well, only here Saturn opposes and creates a likely power struggle, let’s make sure it’s not your health. Ok?

August 1,  Saturn has been setting up a roadblock on your street for some time, but he’s in reverse and heading back over later July birthdays instead, oh obstacles what are your names?

However, later March brings in the Arian  and Uranian  fire creating  some very exciting times, it’s such a diametric of opposite energies right now!

January 31, February 1, The Jupiter and Uranian aspect to your sun is still shining and approving of all your new ventures, that would be in spite of the old curmudgeon, Saturn, who else?

November, 9, 10, Ah what a fortuitous time this should be for you, especially early in March when it seems that you can do no wrong!

December 1, 2, 3, later on in March, the sun shines more brightly for you, in fact it’s sort of exciting!

February 21, 22, 23, Neptune and friends are still cruising over your head, making a watery mess in certain areas of your “house” and at the same time creating possible visions of hope and ”new thought”, maybe things you’ve never considered before? Neptune crossing the Sun can be both a gift and a cross to carry.

August 21,22, 23, It’s very similar to your opposite birth month, only here it creates confusion, possibly inspiration, but after a few weeks those watery planets will  dissipate into the mists and leave you alone.

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