The World’s Toughest Moms Raise the World’s Toughest Kids
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The World’s Toughest Moms Raise the World’s Toughest Kids

This is a sponsored post on behalf of P&G

P&G’s Thank You, Mom “Tough Love” film celebrates the athletes
who have overcome adversity to compete in the 2014 Paralympic Winter Games and
the moms who have supported them on their incredibly inspiring journeys. 
by Paralympic snowboarder and Duracell ambassador Amy Purdy, “Tough Love” is
the latest chapter in P&G’s Thank
You, Mom
Grab a tissue because you are definitely going to tear
up when you watch this – we certainly did!
YouTube video
For parents of children with special
needs, sometimes the hardest thing to do is let them fall – in order to help
them gain their independence. 
In the “Tough Love” spot, Purdy says,
“You could have protected me. You could have turned the world upside down
so that I would never feel pain. But you didn’t. You gave me my freedom because
you were strong. And now so am I.” What beautiful words and such an
amazing testament to her mom!


ParalympianTaylor Lipsett, who competes
in sled hockey, and  Amy Purdy are also
featured in P&G’s “Raising an Olympian” video series, which capture the
extraordinary stories of dedication, determination and strength of athletes who
succeed against great odds. 


Supporting the Paralympic Games


To show their support for all the
Paralympic athletes, as well as future Paralympic Games, P&G is donating
$100,000 to the USOC Paralympic Champions Fund, which offers resources to help
young para-athletes follow their dreams.


“We’re committed to raising awareness and
sharing excitement around the Paralympic Games,” said Jodi Allen, P&G
VP of North American Marketing and Brand Operations. “No athlete gets to
the Olympic or Paralympic Games alone. This is even more true of Paralympians,
whose moms suspend fear and exhibit tremendous courage and resourcefulness
in supporting their kids’ dreams, day in and day out, even in the face of


And to make sure the athletes have their
cheering squad on the sidelines, P&G has provided all 357 moms of US
Olympians and Paralympians with a $1,000 VISA gift card to help them make the
trip to Sochi as part of their Thank You,
Mom campaign.


You can learn more about this
inspirational campaign and watch additional emotional, inspiring and moving “Raising
an Olympian” videos, highlighting the journeys s of several Paralympic and
Olympic athletes on P&G’s YouTube Channel


Don’t forget to tune in to the 2014
Paralympic Games which begin on March 7.  You and your family should definitely
watch these remarkable athletes overcoming adversity. It’s a teachable moment
that will hopefully inspire your kids to achieve their own dreams.  

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