The Oscars’ Best Dressed Ladies!
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The Oscars’ Best Dressed Ladies!

Well, the polls are in on who was best dressed at the Academy Awards on Sunday, and I wanted to throw in my two cents.  This is the one of just a few times each year that our dear celebrities declare who they are by wearing the world’s best designers.

So here are my top 10 picks for the best dressed ladies… You can see images of each dress in the photo gallery at the end of the post.

1. Angelina Jolie

My number one choice for the night was Angelina Jolie in that amazing black Versace gown she looked absolutely stunning! When she hit that stage she owned the night and she knew it. As a side note I will say that I thought she was too thin and I would have loved to see more meat on her bones. While she is absolutely beautiful I feel that it sends the wrong message to young women. You can be thin and in great shape but being healthy and strong is the most important thing.

2. Gwyneth Paltrow

My next pick is Gwyneth Paltrow, who looked gorgeous in white hot Tom Ford that literally made me say, “wow” out loud.  I’m in love with her gown and feel it really made a statement on the red carpet. Her gown had a cape which cascaded down to the floor. Gwyneth has such an amazing sense of style and I usually love what she shows up in especially lately.  She has the ability to do minimalist, fresh, classic, and chic just perfectly!

3. Cameron Diaz

Next for me was Cameron Diaz – she looked fit, healthy and her body was jaw dropping.  I love how the Gucci dress hugged her frame to absolute perfection. Well done, Cameron!

4. Milla Jovovich

The next dress I loved was one of my favorite models and action stars, Milla Jovovich.  Her classic beauty always shines and wearing that stunning Elie Saab gown made her look like the ultimate Hollywood leading lady.  Everything about her look at the Oscars worked!

5. Jessica Chastain

When Jessica Chastain hit the red carpet in that glamorous Alexander McQueen dress I thought the gold and black was perfect.  The dress seemed to embody what the Oscars are all about. What an amazing young actress she is her performance in “The Help” was wonderful and I’m excited to see what she does next. I think she is a stunning redhead!

6. Michelle Williams

Sweet and lovely is what came to mind when Michelle Williams stepped onto the red carpet in her coral colored Louis Vuitton gown. She has such a delicate and soft beauty about her. I thought her dress was the perfect choice for her and totally different than anything else I saw that evening.

7. Viola Davis

I have to say that I was disappointed that my next pick for best dressed of the night Viola Davis was not presented with an Oscar!  What an amazing performance she gave in The Help and I love how she showed up on the red carpet looking like a Siren in the gorgeous green Vera Wang.

8. Maria Menounos

Now my last three picks are Maria Menounos in the sea foam green dress by Maria Lucia Hohan.  I thought it was goddess like and extremely feminine in fact that would be a dress I would wear if I ever attended the show.

9. Ellie Kemper

Next, was new comer Ellie Kemper who was breathtaking in her totally unique Armani Prive’ she looked flawless!

10. Stacy Keibler

Last but not least is the beautiful Stacy Keibler she caught my attention in that stunning off the shoulder dress by Marchesa.  She looked amazing and actually looked like an Oscar herself perfect for her handsome leading man George Clooney.

I hope you had as much fun as I did watching these beauties walk the red carpet and grace the stage!  There is always inspiration we can draw by viewing fashion in this way.  Till next year!


Tara Brooke


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