April Astrology
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April Astrology

What a charged up month it is, this April, with several planets in the impulsive “do or die” sign of pioneer Aries.  Coming off of the intense full moon of last week, with the fertility rites of spring just behind us, symbolized by “Eostre” the Teutonic goddess of fertility whose totem was the rabbit. Thus the background and genesis of our “Easter” celebrations, which brings us now to this month of the Ram.

“Beware of beginnings,” I once heard, and in applying that to April, I can’t overlook the harshness of the Aries and Capricorn – the ram versus the goat square, with unpredictable Uranus creating a major point of friction. We are now heading into rougher waters of the year of the Snake, with three impending eclipses on the horizon.

And what do we have ? The Korean bully boy, Capricorn born Kim Jong Un, January 8th, waving swords at his neighbors and the world.

This month has two distinct “most watchful” periods, the 12th, 13th and the lunar eclipse of the 25th.

April 4th, 5th, a sociable Aquarian moon, harmonizing with Jupiter in Gemini, rationalizes the impulsivity of the Mars Venus connection so close in Aries, on the 5th it matches them perfectly, adding to the romantic vibe. We need a cool head right now.

April 6, 7th the moon in Pisces along with Mercury by Sunday can provide a very intriguing day of resolution, it joins a powerful point from last November 13th, so pay attention to what you agree on. It’s an important moment.

April 8th  to 9th sees the shift of a Pisces moon into Aries, with contact to wacky innovative Uranus, which can inspire us in phenomenal ways.  A power point of the month is now and the pioneer Arian is usually the first to come up with the great idea.

April 9, 10th new moon in Aries ( 2:53 am PDT) is more charged than usual with the fiery energy of five planets in that sign, all of which fall under the Vedic star Revati, from whence derives the words reverend, and resolve.  Hopefully this will calm things down a bit although the Sun, Mars and Venus are so close and sending out unheroic and warmongering messages

New and full moons usually set the tone for the next fourteen days to follow. Here’s why I encourage you to check the link to lunarium, to see where Aries lands in your own personal chart. With so much impulsive Arian fire right now, that angle is bound to be highly activated, wow, five of them!

April 12th, as Pluto goes into its annual Stationary retrograde, and it will slide into alignment with Aries soon enough. The big shift in the month occurs now, around the 12, 13, 14th

April 13th, Mercury sharpens up in Aries and near this same time Venus edges into Taurus, her home base, where she shines.

I am paying close attention to these days, because the Arian planets are moving into another segment (since the 12 signs are divided into 3 subsections) and along with the retrograde of a major planet, things will change and energies will amp up.

Therefore the April 12-14th weekend finds that the dicey relationship between Saturn and Uranus along with the Pluto retrograde could carry larger implications as well as those on a more personal level. Best to guard your words and actions –and hopefully young Kim Jong Un will find a better outlet for his war game impulses.

April 15th, Monday finds the Gemini moon connecting to Jupiter will make for lighter moments, even though it’s tax day.

April 16th, As Venus slides into her own sign of Taurus, earth planets thankfully begin to take charge, and some practical grounded energy comes in.

April 20, 21st the conflict joins when Mercury connects to Uranus and squares Pluto, a power struggle kind of day, more significant if your birthday is around these dates or else July, January or October 1, 2. Should this be your natal day, never fear these squares, for experience has shown that squares only push one to seek greater heights to fulfill one’s goals, although today’s could be a cock fight.

April 22, 23, Now Venus in her own domain in Taurus, and Mars moving in as well to conjunct the Sun in Taurus, should provide something to be happy about, except, oh dear, there is that across action with Saturn in Scorpio, diminishing the Taurean bounty and on Earth day no less.

April 25th’s full moon, the lunar eclipse, at 12:57 PDT, finds Mars and Venus in a face off with Saturn, which can bring about some financial concerns since Venus, when she is impeded by Saturn, does not  always help the balance sheets, even with slight help from Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. Romantically there may be “words” tonight, as full moons tend to bring what is hidden, to the surface.

The full moon in Taurus Scorpio, always one the years’s  most powerful,  here at five, six degrees  will make its impact felt wherever it lands in your chart and life. Should it coincide with your moon or personal planet, expect emotions to be riding high.

The Sun in this early Taurean location, carries a meaning related to physicians and those with healing powers. The Scorpio moon, under a star named “Swati,” relating to wind and given to restlessness,  makes one curious about the ongoing battle of words over the current health care dilemma, at the very least.

April 27, 28, these last few days of the month become more intensified as we move toward the rockier shores of May, 2013. The Mars and Sun connection while opposing Saturn in these very strong fixed signs, creates a power game at best, with neither side willing to give in.

April 29, 30, the Venus contact to the shadow node gives me pause and I am aware of the coincidence (or is there no such thing?) of the addition of the Saturn trine Neptune configuration that stays in place for most of this tricky year. It was overhead exactly when the tragic slaughter of innocents occurred last December. What emerged out of this was that several family groups from Newtown, Connecticut formed organizations such as: JesseLewisChooseLove.org. Incredibly enough there are signs all around that town bearing these words “Newtown and Sandy Hook choose love.”

That such a tragedy can inspire this tremendous sense of love and connection  is truly amazing and occurred right as Saturn and Neptune formed their grand water trine, linking sacrifice and forgiveness.   Lucky are those children born this year under such a configuration, which stays in place most of the year along with the too oft mentioned Uranus and Pluto geometry,  all of which are set to change our known worlds, and hopefully call up the better sides of our natures.

DAYS OF POWER: 2, 9, 11, 12, 13,16!!, 20, 21, 23, 25!!, 28,29, 30


January 1, 2, you are the special ones singled out by the gods of generational change, hang in there, it will improve and you will be the better for it, even though it doesn’t seem like it now.

March 4, 5, the nodes are encouraging you to move forward and see your plans take shape.

March 29, 30 that oft mentioned grid of those devils of massive upheaval and change (Uranus and Pluto) have landed on your sun, that is to say, you. It’s a frustrating time of making life decisions, compromises, all those unpleasant things. But it will move, it always does.

April 9, 10, 11 the emphasis seems to be around you, on your birthday, a  year of new promises and beginnings, so many planets in your sign of the ram, you can’t help but move forward, happily so.

All  right November 9, 10 and May 9, 10, you’re up. The eclipse path is crossing over your roof!! These November children, you might be called to perform and aspire to heights greater than you’ve imagined, it really is your moment. And these indications hang in for a month or two. Don’t be afraid to reach for what should be yours. It’s a great new day.

As for the May babies  mentioned above, listen up, the shadow of the dragons’ tail will possibly remove some things or people from your lives you thought you couldn’t live without, but with the flip side, comes the gift of greater awareness and deeper spiritual core. It won’t be a Neiman’s charge card. Your year ahead will be life changing in several ways.

Late October and Later February birthdays: be careful of  over exuberance which may be followed by a downslide, hope then disappointment. The intriguing grand trine of Saturn and Neptune discussed above, is right in your lap,  whereby the harshness of certain events can  turn into a measure of hopefulness and a compassion for others that helps you as well. It’s almost here.

October 13, 14, 15 mid month the line up in your opposite sign is so intense that you are charged up by it yourself, all in a positive flow.

April 25th the lunar eclipse attaches to your birthday and makes for a very interesting and dynamic year ahead in which you will discover new insights and clues. Expect what you don’t expect. The element of Saturn indicates some concern and restrictions over the health of a family member perhaps or else you have one foot tied to the floor yourself, but joy pervades.

April 26th this affects you as well. With Venus and Mars very close to your sun this should an exuberant and thrilling birthday year, the Saturnian influence holds you back a little,

Early June birthdays will have the advantage of Jupiter shining over their projects and enthusiasm levels, it all helps. Later in April, it’s the 6 and 7 of June who receive the windfall and a little extra boost.

July 1, 2, the long arc of the underworld god, Pluto, is reaching out to you and causing shifts in your DNA, does it get any deeper? These inner changes such as  life, career, interests.

August 8, 9, such encouraging news for you at the time of the new moon, a big push forward is yours. Happy times.

August 30 31, September 1, 2, third week of April has some lovely angles to your sun, vacation maybe?

October 13, 14, 15 mid month the line up in your opposite sign is so intense that you are charged up by it yourself, all in a positive flow.

October 24, 25, it’s your sun involved here so these same influences hold sway over you too, for a couple of weeks anyway.

November 29, 30, has been at Magic Mountain, so to speak. It’s been fun and very busy and will continue a while longer. Sagittarians are very caring of others, and they share.

December 16, 17 mid month is full of action for you, where fire meets fire, try no to burn out.

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