Why Every Mom Should Bring Out Her Inner Brio!
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Why Every Mom Should Bring Out Her Inner Brio!

Brio. Merriam-Webster describes it as “vigor and vivacity.”  A love of fun and humor with a wonderful presence. 

Who wouldn’t want to be a mother brimming with brio?  Want to give it a try? To help you bring out your inner brio, here are 10 characteristics of moms who’ve mastered the skill:

1. A mom with brio starts the day with a great attitude.  She’s positive, upbeat – and it’s contagious.  Her enthusiasm gives her kids the confidence that great things lie ahead.

2. A mom with brio is not afraid to wear her zip and zest on her sleeve.  She’s the mom with the smile, warmth and conviviality to put everyone at ease.  This mom lights up the room with her 120-watt voltage.

3. A mom with brio is delightfully authentic.  She never pretends she’s too busy, but rather looks for opportunities to extend herself and her smarts to help others.

4. A mom with brio is witty and clever.  She finds it amusing to allow her children to eat dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner.  Why not?  You’re only young once.

5. A mom with brio brings excitement to every project.  She’s the mom on the radar screen, the one you watch at meetings, get-togethers, and play dates because she’s fully present and always on her game.

6. A mom with brio has panache.  She updates her look so she’s not stuck in the past, but rather embracing the now and reveling in the moment.  Plus, she’s a pleasure to look at because of the way she makes her style part of her overall packaging.

7. A mom with brio extends her hand to initiate a hello and has her eyes search the room for the person who’s standing alone and needs a little push to get involved.

8. A mom with brio takes many things seriously like, her family, her health, her relationships and, the world, but she doesn’t take herself that seriously so she can laugh it off when things go awry.

9. A mom with brio has a bit of zany about her.  She dresses up for Halloween, she bobs for apples, she loves cotton candy.  She’s a classy dame, but knows how to loosen up and reclaim her inner child.

10. A mom with brio has a sense of purpose to her life.  She wants her life to be meaningful and raising kids that are respectful, courteous and life-affirming is the most important purpose of all.

Ellen Lubin-Sherman got her start in business feeding gossip items to Liz Smith, the esteemed former gossip columnist at the New York Daily News. Those early days of name-dropping were the perfect foundation for her later work in cultivating and branding identities for some of the country’s most luxurious products. Ellen went to work for some of NYC’s top communications firms, advising top tier brands including The Gap, Perrier Water, and Martha Stewart. Today she uses that expertise to coach corporations and business leaders in the art of creating a polished presentation. She does this through LAUNCH, her coaching and consulting firm for business leaders and corporations who need to craft the visuals and the messages that will burnish their reputation as leaders and differentiate them in the marketplace. Today, in addition to executive coaching and consulting, Ellen is a sought-after speaker for companies and groups that are desperate to know how they can become fabulous.


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