A Manic Mommy’s Guide to Looking Great!
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A Manic Mommy’s Guide to Looking Great!

The following is a guest post from Leslie Newton from timi & leslie

OK Ladies.  Let’s get real here.  As much as we love it, it’s hard to be a mama.  Between raising our children, working (and I mean working at an office or being a stay-at-home mom, it’s all hard work!) managing a household and having some kind of social life, it seems that making time for ourselves always falls to the bottom of the list. 

I want to give you a few easy ways to update your wardrobe with this season’s current trends, and I’ll also throw in a few quick make-up tips to help you feel refreshed.  Let’s admit it, when you feel good about how you look, it adds a little pep to your step and a little swag to your drag!

Bold Colors

This season is all about bold, bright, fun colors!  Try a cute pair of fuchsia moccasins, a vibrant pair of red jeans or a chunky beaded turquoise necklace. It’s an easy way to look stylish, and the minute you add some bold, bright colors to your wardrobe….voila!  You’ve got pizzazz!


Stripes are still going strong this season, especially in nautical colors.  A soft, cotton striped tee or a comfy pair of striped espadrilles will do the trick to give you that nautical chic look!


These are a mother’s best friend.  Easy to wear, comfy, very on trend, and look great with leggings or skinny jeans.  Much better than a t-shirt and sweats!  These are especially great during the time you’re trying to get your body back after pregnancy.  They cover up the areas we don’t want to show off!  

A Season-less Blazer

It’s a timeless classic. A good blazer can go from day to evening and can be worn over everything from jeans and a tank top to a cocktail dress.  In the summer you can wear it over a tee in the evenings, and in the winter you can layer it over a snuggly cardigan. It’s something you’ll wear year round!

BB Cream

This stands for Blemish Balm and it’s all the rage.  It gives your skin just about everything it needs for a quick start.   SPF protection, antioxidants for prevention, anti-acne properties, plus enough coverage to banish imperfections all rolled up in one makes it a quick and easy way to take care of your skin.  You’ll have that dewy glow and won’t look as sleep deprived as you feel! Two recommendations are Dr. Jart+ available at Sephora or Garnier available at CVS.

Lip Gloss

Pinks and corals are the big colors for this season, and a great way to look sassy and refreshed!  No one needs to know you’re exhausted from a crying baby that doesn’t let you sleep!

A Great Diaper Bag

Pewter, raspberry, pale blue and taupe are all great colors for bags this season.  Find a bag that looks more like a handbag but has all the functions of a diaper bag.  You’ll feel stylish and organized all at once.

So ladies, I hope this information is helpful.  As a fellow mother, I know taking a small amount of time to feel stylish helps me to capture a little of my identity before I was a mom.  I wouldn’t trade being a mom for a thing, but it’s nice to feel like I still have a little va-va-va-voom left in me!

Leslie Newton, founder and owner of timi & leslie diaper bags, created her company in 1999 when she realized there was a huge void in the marketplace for stylish, functional diaper bags. 

Besides creating fashionable diaper bags, Leslie loves doing crafts with her 3 year old daughter, and going on lots of family outings. Leslie loves anything vintage or mid-century modern – clothes, furniture, jewelry, fabric – all which have a big influence on the timi & leslie aesthetic.

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