May Astrology
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May Astrology

Our galactic vessel has landed on the rocky shores of May 2013, and it’s strange territory indeed.  Oh you may ask, what happened to those nice Druid Beltane and May Day festivals?

This fracas of Saturn and Mars will start off the early days of this month with a clash of symbols, i.e. the impulsive son, whose restrictive and disciplinarian dad is taking him to task.

This is not a calm month, such as early March, with all the watery planets floating in dream time. No, this is a month wherein to tread lightly, fly carefully, and avoid nasty outbursts much as you would like to let that pesky co-workers know how you feel!  Later on, by the third week, a big influx of Gemini influence lightens up the scene considerably.

It’s a big month with 2 eclipses and a super moon, besides. Be mindful of all thought and action.

May 3rd finds the helpful Aquarian air moon lining up to Jupiter in Gemini, adding a positive and rational note to the day.

There comes a little help May 6, 7, when Mars, Pluto and Mercury match up to present a united front, and provide steady ballast for serious and sober times and meetings.

But it’s here, the month of the normally stabilizing, comfort loving and sensual Taurus!  He’s practical and a cash cow too! So how will it be when the south node or dragon’s tail, swiping away at the sun and planning to “brand” his influence on the May 9, 10 solar eclipse days? With Mars there as well, a strong statement will be made much as we would like to find peace and comfort under a Taurus new moon!

This is not a day to travel, or make any risky turns to get you in the kind of hot water Reese Witherspoon just found herself in! But  it’s so typical of Mars and the dragon’s tail meeting! Police intervention, I mean.

This Taurean Solar eclipse,  May 9th,  5:58 pm PDT,  falls under the Vedic influence of Bharani,  symbolized as it is by the womb,  the essence and origin of creation. Something wants to be born,  it’s a new beginning for sure and where it lands in your chart, will show the area which is to be transformed in your life.. It’s not an especially easy shift, since the overlord, Yama, rules death and birth. New moons are times of beginnings, but I’d wait  a few days to launch anything of major importance.

Most all it is a Venus ruled earth month, so beauty in all of her natural forms should be honored and respected. Taurus moons are most often desired by new moms, some even strategize just to have their newborns arrive under it’s domain, (like me).

Solar eclipse energy can carry on throughout the year and sometimes into the next. It’s helpful to look back to May10, 1994 and see what was going on in your life then.  Pay attention to what you were thinking and doing then and now, are you finding parallels? These matters can carry through the next few months, it isn’t just this exact week.

If you are a student of the astro sciences, see which houses Taurus and Scorpio cover in your chart. [Use this link to lunarium to look up your chart.]

A lighter moment arrives when the crescent moon changes into Gemini and approaches starry Venus, setting two lights in the night sky.

Should you have been among the more fortunate to have actually attended Hogwarts secondary school, you would have learned the ancient lore and mystique attributed to crescent moons.  Seriously, these days, when the sliver of the moon reappeared, were set aside for significant ritual and worship.

The Cancerian moon of the 13, 14th hallmarks the greater moment  coming at the month’s end, with the grand water trine and its kinder propensities. But we aren’t quite clear of the eclipse yet.

May 16th, Mercury moves into it’s own happiest place, in Gemini, teamed up with the strong Leo moon whereas the 17th of May finds the Mars action reminding us that solar eclipse is still making itself felt and with a strong Leo moon to boot!

Later, the Virgo moon, of the 18thmakes for a less emotional and more mental time.

Coming right up behind on the 19th is a happy little sextile between Venus and Uranus, oh joy for a minute.

May 20, 21st is the moment when those troublesome characters, Pluto and Uranus are so exactly squared to the Libra moon. They will be continuing their warlike ways until 2015. Strong words, strong actions, memorable days. See below to find out if your Suns are directly impacted:

At the Lunar eclipse of the 25th,  9:59 PDT,  the close connection between Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and the Sun in Gemini, facing off with the Moon in the opposite yet similar sign of Sagittarius, yearns for freedom of thought and action.  Express what you need to say or do! This is definitely one of the year’s super moons,  because not only is it in close proximity, or “perigee” to the earth, it forms a straight line between the sun and the earth.

The full moon in Anhuradha, a very sweet natured segment of Scorpio- Sagittarius, is kindly towards others, retains friendships and  is definitely the more desireable portion of that sign. Looking across at  the Sun in Rohini,  a beautiful part of Gemini, and creating a tight square to Neptune, all adds up to a very powerful  lunar eclipse. Thoughts and beliefs are up for discussion but the nice array of Gemini planets round out a positive slant to the aspects and help to make this a memorial weekend for sure!

A calming Capricorn moon on the 27 th, along with flexible Mercury ruling the high art of communication– will assist in solving things more rationally, and having Venus so close softens the tone of things, so all in all a helpful day, made even better by the 28th when the moon lines up to Mars for greater impact and definition.

Ending the month, Venus and Mercury standing close together in the sign of the twins, with Jupiter nearby, make for a Gemini-esque moment, chatty, cheerful, book clubby, or however else you may want to use it! Only caution here is to beware of too much information, oh this IT world we live in.

The 31st moon , Chiron, and Neptune in Pisces create a lovely water trine to Mercury and Saturn, encourages spiritual leanings to try and make sense of difficult earthly happenings.

Oh lucky that baby born today with this aspect.  Blessed be the peacemakers!

DAYS OF POWER: 4, 6, 9!!, 14, 18, 20, 21, 24!!, 27, 30, 31!!


May 1, Nov 1 Calling in the astral paramedics for you children born in the earlier days of May. Too much stress is not good for your little stomachs.

June 15, 16, 17 Late May is your time, with all those Gemini planets just scurrying around your sun looking to express themselves in your house! Moments of happiness are fleeting, grab these and put them in a vase.

June 24, 25, Such a nice time for you in late May, with a grand harmonious trine of planets in early water: Saturn Chiron, Neptune and Mercury, create a source of inspiration and depth, don’t waste good aspects I say!

December 1,2 how thrilling for you when Uranus goes trine to your Sun, it’s never boring then is it.

May 9, 10, November 9, 10, we know this eclipse will land on your roof,  it’s life changing. Eclipses follow the Soros cycle, returning every 19 years with different planetary arrangements but always with the sun and new moon in the same degree and location in your chart. It is the rare bird who finds his birthday year under a solar eclipse to unfold in a most extraordinary way.  It does happen, and you might just be that bird.

November 5, 6 Rahu crossing your sun will bring you challenges and opportunities you’ve been really wanting, be brave you can handle it. It speaks to ambition and provides opportunities.

May 5, 6, a little different story, the ego had to make way for the real self to emerge,. It can leave you doubting yourself, but really,, it’s just thr beginning of a new chapter, It’s that time.

March 31, April 1, Uranus crossing over your Sun, has changed all your ideas and plans, and there’s Pluto throwing a wrench into things just to add some gravity, as if there weren’t enough already.

Late October birthdays: you’ve chosen the Saturn straw, bummer, lay low, he goes direct in July.  Be disciplined and scheduled and you‘ll do ok. The late April eclipse is affecting you and Saturn is stirring up some problems, so have any physical complaints checked out.

January 2, Plutonian rhapsody plays for you, or else it might be a bomb, change is in the air,. And you already know it.

February 9, 10, 11, You are feeling the aftermath of this May 10 eclipse as well,  be very careful near those dates, Mars makes a nasty angle towards your Sun. Take care of any health questions that may arise and watch your temper, as just as it may be.

August 8, 9, 10 you aren’t home free yet, be watchful for verbal and physical clashes. Also, pay attention to your health, Saturn will trigger this point early next year  and cause possible problems, so best to check everything out now.

June 30- July 1, 2, in case you haven’t felt the life changes and curious urges to make your life  something new and better, you will now.

September 30- October 1, 2, the same goes for you, some unpleasant matters have to be dealt with, it’s wrenching for some of you.

May 24th and 25, and November 24th, 25th, these birthdays receive the impact or impulse? Of this lunar eclipse.  It will bring matters unseen to the fore. If you were born on a lunar eclipse you may have experienced some of your achievements as left in the shadows. Not so this year.

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