Four Things You Shouldn’t Give a Mom for Mother’s Day
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Four Things You Shouldn’t Give a Mom for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner — do you know what you’re getting for your mom?

Now it’s true what they say: it’s the thought that counts. BUT there are some exceptions to this rule. Just like there are things you would never want to receive on Mother’s Day, there are also things that you should never buy for your mom. Using this helpful shopping guide, you’ll have enough tips and tricks to know what to steer clear of!

(Also, one very important thing to keep in mind, it’s okay to purchase these things but ONLY when it’s specifically requested or asked for by mom!)

1. Step away from the home appliance section. 

So we know that the Sunday morning paper advertisements are extremely enticing – I mean, a whole spatula set for that low of a price? It’s hard to pass that up sometimes — but for today, PASS IT UP! House appliances tie into housework and assuming that mom wants that shiny new pan or utensil set can be a mistaken assumption. Unless her hobby is baking up a storm in the kitchen and she’s been pining for that electric mixer for months now, just keep clear of anything that will remind her of housework. After all, Mom’s Day is all about relaxing!

2. Frumpy “mom” clothes are a no-no.

There’s nothing quite like making your mom feel older than she actually is! Also, clothing can be tricky because oftentimes it requires guessing clothing sizes. Buying something that is bigger than her actual size may seem a little insulting. Buying something that she can barely squeeze into isn’t the right way to go either. If you do opt for clothing, KNOW her correct size and try buying something that you, as a ModernMom, would actually wear!

3. Cliched coffee mugs

I know…that all-encompassing mug that says “world’s greatest mom” is so perfect for Mother’s Day. But BAD NEWS! The cupboard is already filled to the brim with cheesy mugs, so unfortunately, there’s not enough room for one more. Or, here’s a better idea if you’re still set on a mug of some sorts. Go online and order her a personalized photo collage mug with pics of the family! Or, go to your nearest Color Me Mine and MAKE one for her. Now that’s love!

4. Fitness-related gifts

Last but not least: please, PLEASE do not get her diet pills or a gym membership. We know – the intentions are good, but we can guarantee that the reaction won’t be. Moms are supposed to feel completely happy with themselves, flaws or no flaws, on Mother’s day. Certainly, opening up a gift bag and finding diet pills is not the best way to achieve that. Whatever you decide to get your mom for Mother’s Day, make her feel like she’s the most special person in the whole wide world — because, to you, she is!

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