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How to Get Your Kids Outdoors

Living in the generation that we do, it’s common for kids to just run in and glue their eyes to the TV, computer, or latest video game. A study shows that kids today spend 55 hours a week indoors using just electronics and spend hardly any time at all outdoors. Spending more time outdoors can help inspire kids imaginations and give them the opportunity to interact with nature as opposed to electronics. Not to mention, it has that physical activity component that is fundamental for healthy living!

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5 Clever Easter Egg Hunt Twists That Your Kids Will Love!

The Easter egg hunt is a classic tradition but there’s nothing wrong with switching it up once in awhile! So why not give your family’s egg hunt a clever new twist this year? Here’s a few of our favorite fun ideas: Easter Coupon Egg Hunt Instead of hiding jellybeans in the egg, try creating homemade coupons and stuffing it with those instead. The personalized coupons might be for a little extra TV time, an extra bedtime story, or a treat. It’s a great alternative to sugary candies! Math Egg Hunt

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Dealing with Mother’s Day as a Stepmother

Besides all of the happiness that Mothers Day brings to many, it also contains a sadness factor for stepmothers. Mothers Day is the one day of the year thats specifically devoted to showing love to your mom, so it can get a bit tricky for those who may feel a sense of loyalty to their mom or have spent the majority of their lives referring to their stepmother by her first name rather than calling her mom.

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Four Things You Shouldn’t Give a Mom for Mother’s Day

Mothers Day is just around the corner — do you know what you’re getting for your mom? Now its true what they say: its the thought that counts. BUT there are some exceptions to this rule. Just like there are things you would never want to receive on Mothers Day, there are also things that you should never buy for your mom. Using this helpful shopping guide, you’ll have enough tips and tricks to know what to steer clear of!