5 Clever Easter Egg Hunt Twists That Your Kids Will Love!
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5 Clever Easter Egg Hunt Twists That Your Kids Will Love!

The Easter egg hunt is a classic tradition but there’s nothing wrong with switching it up once in awhile!  So why not give your family’s egg hunt a clever new twist this year?

Here’s a few of our favorite fun ideas:

Easter Coupon Egg Hunt

Instead of hiding jellybeans in the egg, try creating homemade coupons and stuffing it with those instead. The personalized coupons might be for a little extra TV time, an extra bedtime story, or a treat. It’s a great alternative to sugary candies!

Math Egg Hunt

Who says that you can’t mix education and fun? Put numbers on all the different eggs and after the kids are done collecting as many as they can find, have them add up all the numbers. The kid with the highest total will be rewarded a special treat!

Winning Number Egg Hunt

Using both plastic and real colored eggs, you’re bound to have a ball with this one! Put different numbers on a select few real colored eggs. Put small prizes in the plastic eggs such as candy, small toys, stickers, coupons, etc. For the kids who find the real eggs, have the number on them correspond with a numbered prize. Some prize ideas include books, stuffed animals, Easter baskets, etc.

Reverse Egg Hunt

Parents should be able to have some fun, too! Let the kids hide a few eggs around the house and have the parents scour for them. The kid whose egg is found last will win a prize for having the best hiding spot!

Flashlight Egg Hunt

As teenagers grow older, it will be harder to amuse them with easy hiding spots and classic egg hunts. Try doing it at night time. Paint the eggs with glow in the dark paint, or just give them a flashlight. It’s an easy twist that completely changes the game! Who doesn’t love a little night adventure?

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