Peep Kebabs Dessert Recipe
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Peep Kebabs Dessert Recipe

Who doesn’t love Peeps?

The delicious marshmallow treats hit shelves around Easter time every year and they are just so sweet!

For an extra-decadent holiday dessert, try this recipe for Peep Kebabs:


  • Peeps® in assorted colors
  • Large marshmallows
  • Decorative sprinkles
  • Sanding sugar
  • Brownie cake mix
  • 3 T chocolate pudding
  • 1 c milk chocolate chips (This is plenty for 6 or less skewers)
  • Wooden skewers


Bake brownies according to box directions adding 3 tablespoons of chocolate pudding mix/powder.  Let cool completely.

Melt chocolate chips and dip whole marshmallow in melted chocolate and roll in sprinkles and let dry on wax paper.  Three marshmallows are used per skewer.

Cut your brownies in small squares and dip the top lightly in the chocolate and sprinkle with your favorite color of sanding sugar.  One brownie is used per skewer.

Alternate Peeps, marshmallows and brownies on skewer and decorate or plate to your creative desires!

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