Upcycled Glitter Easter Eggs
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Upcycled Glitter Easter Eggs

Are you looking for an alternative to dying Easter eggs? Or maybe a fun project to do with the kids (or just yourself)? Every year we seem to have more and more of those little plastic eggs piling up in our house. I never know what to do with them. One day a thought came to me – Upcycled Glitter Easter Eggs! Exciting! Glitter makes everything prettier, right? I thought so too.This project is super easy.

All you need is:
Plastic Easter Eggs (or you could use wood)Sparkle-easter-eggs
2 Bowls
Paint brush
A piece of newspaper, or recycled paper
Directions:If using plastic eggs make sure they are all closed tightly.

Fill one bowl with glue, and the second with glitter.

Paint a layer of glue all over an egg covering everywhere.

Roll the egg into the glitter and use the spoon to gently turn the egg and spoon more glitter over the egg.

Gently remove the glitter egg and allow to dry completely.

Repeat for as many eggs as you can handle.

Our family likes to leave little bowls of glitter eggs lying around the house.
Happy Spring!
With lots of love,
Wendy (and the 2 kiddos)
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