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Using Rainchecks

I reached out to my friends on It’s Free for some frugal suggestions and I received two suggestions about raincheks and thought I would pass one of them along.

“When you find a great sale price on items at a grocery or drugstore chain, buy all you can, then always try to get a raincheck, too.

Normally they won’t give out rainchecks unless they are sold out of an item (and, of course, some ads stipulate the price is only good for stock on hand), but sometimes clerks will write you a raincheck no questions asked.

To maximize your chances, wait until the last couple days of the advertised sale when they are most likely to be out of the product. then ask for a raincheck for more than you think you need.

Various store policies differ, but some places will write a raincheck for 20 items, then allow you to purchase fewer (if that’s all they have in stock) on your next visit and keep the raincheck, having noted that you purchased fewer than the raincheck was good for. it’s also important to watch the dates on the rainchecks, some carry expiration dates.

For example, this week Rite-Aid has Jif Peanut Butter for $1.99. I bought all 5 they had on the shelf and asked for a raincheck for 20 more. I confirmed with the checker that I would be able to keep using the raincheck if they only had 5 again next time I visit the store.

This is a way to temorarily lock in super good deals and extending the sale price saves a lot of money.”

From Crimsulent



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