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Share Your Great Thrift Store Finds

While I love my site, one of the challenges I have had is getting much reader participation.  I know we all lead busy lives and might think the last thing I have time to do is upload a picture and e-mail it, but you would make my day with this project! 

Do you love to decorate?  Well I do!  But, things are not getting any cheaper.  So, whenever I have a spare minute and some spare “Fun Money” I like to visit my local thrift stores.  I used to go much more frequently when my children were younger because I would get great deals on clothing, toys and books.  Now that they are growing up before my eyes, when I go it is usually just to browse and try to find something cute to use to decorate my home.  Sound familiar?  This is where you come in.  I would love to see some of the great items you have found at thrift stores, garage sales or even free along the street.  I know I get inspired at the creativity of others and learn so much.  So, I will start it off and share a few of the kinds I have come across and then it is your turn!  E-mail me your pictures along with where you got the item and how much it was (if you can remember).  I will posting these throughout the next few weeks so we can see all the great things you have gotten too!

This is my kitchen table.  We bought the table and 4 chairs when we moved in around 8 years ago. None of the chairs survived and the table had marks all over it.  What did I do?  First, I was able to get a free can of paint from Glidden.  They were giving away cans about a year ago so I picked black.  Then I let a friend of mine know I needed chairs and did she come through.  She actually had 2 chairs sitting in her garage that she gave me for FREE!  So I painted my table and 2 chairs and that was it for about 6 months.  Then my friend (Barbara) came through again when she noticed 2 chairs similar to what I had at a garage sale down the street from her house.  I went and was able to buy the other 2 for $5 each.  There are some differences, 2 have arms, 2 do not, but when they are all painted black they look great.

Now to what is on my table.  I fell in love with this platter at the Assistance League of Temecula Thrift Store.  If you are a local reader and have never visited there, it is a must!  It was $5.  I was able to purchase the 2 candlesticks for $1 there another time and the candles are from a large box I bought at Ikea for $2.99.

I bought this candle holder at the Assistance League Thrift Store for $5.  It was already aged and so cute!  My newest find is this plate holder.  My plans are to add a thin layer of black paint to it and use it as a towel holder in my bathroom.  I will keep you posted on how it turns out!

OK, your turn! 

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