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Fun Money & How to Earn It

Isn’t it great to have “fun” money that you don’t feel guilty spending on whatever you want?  Often times it comes in the form of a gift card or money you receive for your birthday.  It is all yours and you can spend it however you want!  What you if you could have some “fun” money more often?

As a stay-at-home mom I was looking for some way to earn a little money at home.  I started researching ways on the internet and came across a lot of scams.  They want my money up front.  Always a red flag!  I came across survey companies and started reading more about them.  I finally decided to sign up for a few and see how it would go.  What I soon found out was that I could easily do these surveys whenever I had some free time.  Not that there is always a lot of that.  But when I get on-line to read my e-mails I just take an extra 30 minutes and do some surveys.  Do I have your interest yet?

After much trial and error and signing up for many companies, I have weeded through the good and the bad and compiled a list of companies, all of which I am a member of, that you can earn some “fun” money from.  I even went as far as to create a spread sheet in 2009 to keep track of my earnings and was surprised that by the end of the year I had made over $1000! 

Surveys are not for everyone.  You need to have a little free time to spend on the computer and you have to be ok with not qualifying for every survey that is sent to you.  If you can get through those two things, I would give it a shot!

Here are my quick tips:

*Create a separate e-mail address just for surveys.  That way they will not get lost amoung all your other e-mails.
*Don’t go in thinking you are going to get rich.
*Fill out your profile for each survey company.  This will help them to send you surveys that you will qualify for.

So now it is time to get started!  Click Here for my list of survey companies.

 I suggest picking 2-3 to start with and see how you like it.  They are all different in so many ways.  Some you will receive surveys from every day, some a few times a week and some a few times a month.  They also offer incentives in many forms.  From cash to gift cards to points for merchandise.  The ways to earn is limitless.

Good Luck to you and I would love to hear how you are doing!


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