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How to Save on Your Grocery Bill

At the beginning of the year I made a few goals, I am not calling them resolutions!  So far I have been successful at one of them, I won’t share the failures, I still have 7 months to turn them around.  My success has been saving money on groceries.  I have always clipped coupons, but truthfully did not really “get in” to the whole idea of saving money with coupons the “right way”.

What have I changed this year?  I have tried to walk in the door of the grocery store with as any coupons for products I am going to buy.  It is not as hard as I thought it would be with the growing popularity of internet coupons. 

I make my list each Thursday (guess I better get on that today).I have 4 grocery stores in my area that I frequent, but usually don’t want to visit more than 2 a week.  So, with my list already made I will check out the store ads and see which one best matches up with my list. Now, I have been known to change dinners for the week if I see a good deal on products at a certain store.  That is all part of getting the most for your money.  At this point I will also add items to my list for things that the stores have on sale and that I have a good coupon for.  Who doesn’t love getting something for FREE!!  Before I would make my list and head out, not really capitalizing on the stores sales and matching them up with the best coupons.  I now get so much more for my money.  But beware, don’t buy items you really don’t need, just to use a coupon.  This is definitely not a good idea!

The thing I have changed the most this year is stockpiling.  I do not do this as much as many out there, but I do have a space in my garage where I buy items I know I use a lot of and they are on sale and I have a coupon.  Right now I have 4 boxes of cereal, 3 bags of flour, 3 boxes of sandwich bags, and 5 boxes of casserole mix.  I have also done this with cat food and numerous other items.  I feel so good when I am running low in my pantry and know the item is sitting out in the garage and it probably cost me 50 cents at the time!  Us moms always need a boost, in whatever form it comes!

So, what have I truly saved?  My goal was to reduce my bill by $80 a month.  Well I have surpasssed that and have saved, since January, almost $500.  That is a lot for a one income family like ours!  Now, I have not been perfect every week.  I actually find that when I shop at more than one store, even though I know I am getting great deals, I end up spending more, because I am getting more than I really need.  My suggestion is to not get too caught up with specials and ads.  If you stick to what you know you really need, and not buy that package of cookies because it is so cheap, you will really save a lot!

Good Luck to you all!!




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