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Is Anything Really FREE?


Once I decided to commit more time to doing surveys on-line I started coming across on-line forums where people were posting items for free.  I thought these were going to be scams, where they were really trying to sell me something, and in a few cases it was, but I was amazed at how many companies send out free items so you can try them out and hopefully buy them in the future. 

So, one of the fun things I do is search the internet each day for my readers in hopes of finding some great freebies.  I currently have over 100 free items available.  Most of these free items will ask, of course, for your mailing address, but often times for your e-mail address as well.  I always us a separate e-mail address, because there are times where you will get put on the company’s e-mail list.  This way their e-mails will not clog up your in-box.  Also, if they ever ask for a phone number, I never put my real one.

It is so much fun to have “goodies” in your mailbox besides bills! 

What I was most amazed by were the free magazine subscriptions.  Yes, I said FREE!  I could not believe it myself, but after getting about 10 different subscription so far, I can tell you they are legit and they don’t try anything sneaky like sending you magazines after the subscription is over and billing you. 

To take a look at all the freebies I currently have up, click HERE

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