6 Halloween Costumes You Have Hiding In Your House
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6 Halloween Costumes You Have Hiding In Your House

With Halloween around the corner and costumes constantly growing more provocative, maintain your cool mom status and your dignity with some of these creative costume ideas.  The best part?  You probably have some of this stuff in your house!

Gumball Machine

All you need is a clear trash bag, colorful round balloons , red tulle, and a red skull cap.  Put on red leggings, and a white long sleeve shirt.  Cut a hole in the bottom of the trash bag and two holes in the sides for your arms.  Turn the red tulle into an easy tutu skirt with an elastic waistband.  You’ll need a little help to inflate the balloons and stuff them into your trash bag shirt, using the elastic waistband of your tutu to hold them all in.  Top it off with red skull cap and you’re ready to go!


Dress entirely in black: black long sleeve shirt, black skinny jeans… Cut out the shape of your iPod from cardboard and paint on a background.  You can also use fabric for this.  Print out images of your favorite app icons and glue them to your “screen.”  Don’t forget the front camera, speaker, and button.  For the back, cut a second piece of cardboard, create a back camera and personalize your iPod/iPhone case.  To complete your look, wear your ear buds draped around your neck or in your ears.

Rosie the Riveter

Show off your gun show in this great look.  Wrap up your hair in a red hanky, dab on a little red lipstick.  All you need is a chambray button down rolled up over your biceps and some great high-waisted slacks.  Tuck your shirt into the waistband and wrap a good thick black belt around your waist.  Wear some combat/work boots and roll up the cuffs of your pants so they don’t drag at all.  For an added touch, borrow a utility belt from your hubby complete with a couple power tools.

Cruella de Vil and the 101 (ish) Dalmatians

It’s so easy to make a Dalmatian costume.  Start with white sweatpants and a white sweatshirt.  Using black fabric or black paint, create crazy spots.  When it’s time to dress up, paint your face white and your nose black.  Don’t forget whiskers!  A Cruella costume is equally easy for a little girl.  Use a grown up’s black t-shirt as a little black dress.  Then, cut leopard print polar fleece into a shawl shape.  Add black gloves, mom’s costume pearls, and a little hair paint, and you have a great family group costume!


If you have a large brood, getting everyone to dress like minions will help you keep track of which ones are yours and also… it’s darn cute.  Dress everyone in a yellow hoodie and denim overalls.  You can add a little yellow, yarn pom pom to the top of hoodie if you want.  Break out those goggles that have been in storage since summer passed and wear them over a yellow painted face.  Is Dad taking the kids out trick-or-treating?  Even better because a Gru costume is so easy.  Black slacks, black zip up hoodie, and a striped scarf make for a quick and easy look.


This couldn’t be any easier.  All you need is a cardboard box, Solo Cups, and paint!  Cut a hole in the top for your head and holes in the sides for arms.  Make sure the bottom is totally open. Hot glue the Solo Cups so they look like the pegs on a Lego.  Paint the whole costume your favorite color.  To dress up, wear leggings and a long sleeve shirt in your Lego Color.  Boom!

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