Meet the Tooth Fairy’s Sister: The Switch Witch!
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Meet the Tooth Fairy’s Sister: The Switch Witch!

The Switch Witch was introduced to me a few years ago by a mom-friend of mine.

I laughed when she said it because I thought there is NO WAY my kids would go for it, but lo and behold, they think it is the best thing ever.

Have you heard of her?  You might want to consider having her stop by your house this Halloween.

The Switch Witch is a witch that comes by Halloween night and scoops up the candy that you leave on the front porch and leaves behind a small gift in exchange for the candy. Same idea as the tooth fairy. In fact, I believe they are sisters.

My kids are little (5 and almost 4) so they think its great, and I love it because consuming the amount of candy they bring home would be pretty disgusting. It also saves me the extra pounds I would put on, sneaking treats from their trick-or-treat bags (I am that kind of mom).

On Halloween night, after the kids have had their fun trick-or-treating, they’ll make a pile of about 10 treats they want to keep and the rest will get put in a bag and left on our front porch for the Switch Witch.

When they come down in the morning, there will be a treat for each of them and they’ll still have a few treats to consume over the next few days.

Because really, Halloween is so much more than just gorging on candy.  Making fun Halloween decorations, carving pumpkins, dressing up as their favorite character, going out at night with their Dad, seeing their neighbors and friends, and getting the treats is all a ton of fun, right?

With the Switch Witch, everyone is happy and we can save ourselves the drama of all the sugar highs and lows that would otherwise happen over the next few weeks.

This works for us for now, and I think it will work for my son for the foreseeable future but my daughter has a sweet tooth so I’m going to have to get pretty creative in the gift department to hook her in early.

Otherwise, she might wise up pretty quick and call BS on my program.

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