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How to count Halloween Calories

First there is the actual trick or treating. Next is the deciding what candy is prime and which pieces are less desirable. Then there are the days of candy on end to follow. Basically we are looking at a week of snacking on small servings of candy. If you are trying to keep a handle on your candy cals, here are some tips:

 *Most trial size or Halloween size candy bars and goodie packs are between 75 and 100 calories. Assume every time that you pop a serving in your mouth you are in for 100 cals. 

*Low fat or Swiss Miss diet hot chocolate is a great way to not feel deprived and not have to do any extra cardio or feel bad in your clothes the next day.

*Let yourself have one or two candies a day but that’s it.

*Throw out the left over candy.

*Enjoy the novelty of the holiday and don’t make it a habit.

Have fun, be safe and keep it real this Halloween weekend! 

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