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Moon Sign Astrology- July 2011

Sea shells, pearls, all gifts of the sea symbolize the oceanic emotional nature of the sign of Cancer, which is ruled by the moon. 

The moon is one of the most important planets in astrology. It’s placement in the birth chart speaks to our maternal element: it tells us about our feeling nature, our relationship to our mothers, the home environment; and most significantly, it is thought to represent the soul housed in the human body.

Because the moon says so much about our personality, drives and emotional nature, we will focus on the moon’s location in the birth chart for the July forecast. Using the moon as an indicator for life events can also be a much more accurate astrological tool than sun sign astrology since it moves very quickly and is more specific to the individual.

The moon, as do all the other planets, runs in 30 degrees, so it is just as important to know your moon’s degree as it is to know what sign it is in.

To find your moon sign and its degree, enter your birth time and date here. Then, come back to find out what’s in store for you!

This moon placement gives the individual tremendous drive and ambition that can at times move into recklessness when they’re not careful. Aries moon people will jump headlong into action, lacking foresight on occasion, although the spontaneity and courage produces great feeling among others, and of being in the moment. An Aries moon will love their children intensely, entertain with stories, and discipline with fire.

This Month
0-10 degrees: Early Aries moon people have been dealing with huge personal disruptions. Life seemed golden early in the spring, then it shifted. The highs and lows have been aggravated by their combustive style, which only adds to the problem. Things will improve later on into 2012; however, these are not small matters. One needs to remember that that all things will eventually pass. Changes taking place now may be karmic for Aries moons in these degrees.

10-20 degrees: April and early May were fun-filled months; however, the excitement of spring has died down in the past month. From July 9 to 17, windows of happiness and some lighter enthusiastic moments should reappear.

20-29 degrees: Aries moons in these degrees thankfully sidestepped the intense energy that hit in the middle of June. These later Arian moons will enjoy great communication aspects, especially between the 21st to the 29th, bringing charm and attraction into your all your dealings.

Charming, loyal, steadfast, sometimes called the “Buddha Moon,” the emotional nature of Taurean moon people is strong. They have a tremendous desire for security which is necessary to anchor their emotional well being. They seek material comfort, food, and luxurious housing, which includes the emotional well being of their offspring who will benefit and feel safe and loved. Taurus moons may control their temper to a point, but beware of the explosion when it goes off!

This Month
0-10 degrees: These Taurus moons will find great happiness this year. The 23rd of July is especially significant in a positive way! Moons in these degrees will no doubt find romance.

10-20 degrees: Between the 16th and 17th these mid-sign Taurus moons may find themselves at loggerheads with partners and co-workers. This is a two-day knot that has to be untangled emotionally. Watch out for that famous Taurus temper.

20-29: These Taurus moons should experience a pleasant July, with the full moon of the 15th affecting them in a positive way. The 23d, 24th, and 25th will present minor irritations and frustrations that will lift a few days later.

Versatile, engaging, and very fun to have around, Gemini moons always need to seek and speak the truth. They can sometimes have a dual nature with contrasting feelings and moods and at times be nervous and jittery when unsettled, but usually solve this by taking short trips. Sometimes superficiality can occur with this moon. The native also likes to focus on educating and developing their young ones’ minds. When certain difficulties with emotional matters arise, they tend to run for mental and intellectual safety, which may not help them in these times, leaving them feeling uncomfortably sensitive.

This Month
0-10 degrees: These early Gemini moons may receive some big news, which might lead to radical change, early in the month, although it may be just what the doctor ordered. Especially around the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th this type of news can drive one to organize, innovate and create some type of change they’ve always wanted or have been seeking to make.

10-20 degrees: Starting July 8th, these Gemini moons will move into a high energy zone, making Red Bull envious. There is a driving force at work that makes the usual Gemini tendency to chatter go on over drive. But many good things can come of this, and romance is one of them.

20-29 degrees: Here is the group that is being served a slice of karma since they have been dealing with some harsh emotional realities for several months. The core issues will come to light at this time and most especially around the 23d. Relationships are up on the block, will they make it? Deep insecurities from early life are the underlying cause of these issues.

The moon is in its natural place in Cancer and feels most at home here. These natives will seek domestic security and comforts and has a capacity for deep sympathy for those that are hurt or in trouble. But this deep feeling nature and ability to intuit another’s mood can go awry, imagining slights and insults which may cause one to brood and withdraw. On the positive side, these are natural therapists or chefs whose deep feeling nature exudes love and warmth. The other, lesser known side of Cancer moons is their business minds, whose security issues bring a strong awareness of the bank account and those 401K plans. Cancer moon moms must watch their tendency to over-parent and let their young ones fly from the nest, free from maternal bondage. Things have been a little dicey for all Cancer moons for the past two years due to some planetary alignment, which is all moving out of the neighborhood very soon.

This Month
0-10 degrees: If your moon is in very early Cancer, things have been rocky for over a year and the reasons have been big and serious. The toughest time is behind you and July will put you firmly on the path to daylight.

10-20 degrees: Having skated through some dark waters, these moons are holding their own for the moment. Calmer days will be had from the 13th to the 23rd, although the middle of the month on the 15th should be very fun and electric–emotions will be running high.

20-29 degrees: These later Cancerian degrees will find some peace and harmony this month. The full moon of the 15th will add some drama and fun mid-month. The love sign of Venus will be influencing your moon during the second half of July which will bring a harmonious and benevolent quality into your life.

Secretly proud, extremely generous, dramatic, and needing the spotlight to shine on them, Leo moons desire flattery and love, but can at times take it to extremes. Normally cheerful and positive, Leo moons love their offspring and want them to reflect well upon their parents. Very generous, they provide them with comfortable and beautiful surroundings.

This Month:
0-10 degrees: These early sign Leo moons are undergoing some intense and exciting situations which are yes, thrilling, and no, not under your control!

10-20 degrees: This segment of the Leo moon will become rather chatty from the 8th through the 23d of July with elements of dramatic communication. The 10th could be a day of conflict so be careful with your words then.

20- 29 degrees: The last five days of July will be action-packed for these moons, and there will be no stopping the effusive outpouring of feeling. The 25th is a day of obstacles, but it passes quickly. Otherwise, the warmhearted nature of the Leo moon performs nicely in matters of the heart at the month’s end.

A discriminating moon, Virgo moons are hardworking, practical and modest. They are also detail-oriented, which can lead to critiquing their partners and tend toward other picayune habits. They can be a little shy and not too emotionally expressive. Virgo moons are also interested in health and fitness and always see to the correct hygiene and proper manners of their children.

This Month:
0-10 degrees: A lovely aspect from two giant support forces will be with these early Virgo moons for several months to come, and will create stable emotional climates for them. Happiness is in the air.

10-20 degrees: Your usual control over situations could be upset from the 6th to the 23d but it’s only a mild sort of aggravation, which could bring excitement. The full moon of the15th favors these degrees of the moon. Party time is at hand!

20-29 degrees: The 21st to the 31st finds you confronted by certain irritating issues, whether they are disagreements or unsettled business matters. They will all be resolved; however, in true Virgo fashion, you’ll be worrying about it all week.

Libra moons possess a certain refinement and knack for diplomacy. They also strive for peace and balance. Their homes are charming and elegant, and they themselves are very hospitable. Partnerships, both professionally and personally, are hugely important. They can be easily influenced and perhaps too desirous of approval. There is a legal side to Libra moons–they can argue and defend, often overlooked, but this is after all, the sign of Justice, blindfolded, holding the scales. These are parents who will try to reason with their young unlike the fixed moons, Leo, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius, who will just lay out the rules.

0-10 degrees: These Libra moons have had to struggle emotionally for almost a year with spirit-crushing problems, bringing sadness and disappointment. This hard aspect is moving away now and around the 7th there are some downright positive elements in the picture. Ideas spring up that may become really important later on, so pay attention.

10-20 degrees: This part of the Libra moon is experiencing a slight reprieve and should enjoy a very fun-filled July with some really delightfully energetic days mid-month, from the 8th through the 23rd. Short trips are planned, and ideas discussed in a buzz of electric mental energy.

20-29 degrees: This later section of Libra will no doubt be partying wildly around the full moon, how else to relieve some of the tensions in the air? The later days of the month see action and drive most helpful in their work, or cleaning the garage. The 23rd, 24th, and 25th are key dates for relationship concerns. Significant events are possible during this time. The 26th, 27th, and 28th bode well for signing or agreeing to an important matter.

Scorpio moons are very passionate, though it can be a tough sign for the moon to reside in. The native may tend toward possessiveness and jealousy as well as stubbornness and vengefulness. There is also a need to dominate and restructure partnerships.

On the flip side, they are a do-or-die people, capable of great sacrifice. The most intense of all the moons, Scorpio moons love their children with all their heart and would fight to the death for them.

This Month
0-10 degrees: Early Scorpio moons are sharing some of the radical changes felt by early Pisces moons: a whole new way of being and seeing yourself is being revealed. This goes way past the month of July–it’s a major aspect that is life changing. The last three days are slightly complicated but it’s nothing too serious.

10-20 degrees: Mid-Scorpio moons will be on fire mid-month, and will garner some flattering attention for most of the month. Your appearance will be enhanced because of how good you are feeling.

20-29 degrees: Later Scorpio moons also partake in the positive and fun mid-month energy. The natural desire for introspection and privacy gets challenged in the last week. Slightly annoying matters take away from the fun and will make this no Mid Summer’s Night Dream, especially on the 25th.


This is a cheerful, freedom-loving moon that has a ‘don’t-tie-me-down’ attitude. They are seekers of truth, sometimes to their own detriment, and are idealistic and emotional. Sagittarius moons engage in philosophical ideals. They are also the gamblers of life who can make life quite fun for their own children. If damaged or suffocated, this placement of the moon can bring narrow-mindedness and a lack of objectivity. The fascination with foreign countries and interest in other languages will often lead them to live abroad during a period in their life.

0-10 degrees: Early Sagittarius moons encounter some intense energy early in the month which set emotions flying high. The urge to speak finds a voice. When can a Sagittarius moon not speak his or her truth? Restlessness and a desire for something new come into play. The last few days provide a breakthrough.

10-20 degrees: The 8th to 22nd will add spirit and fire to these fiery mid-sign moons. Things have been hard for them emotionally, and will continue that way for a while longer. They have other issues coming around the corner and may find themselves having a day in court soon.

20-29 degrees: A rather tough situation has been shadowing these late-in-the sign Sagittarius moons for a while now. It is upending previous emotional comfort zones and begging for interior examination. When these types of aspects involve the moon on such a deep level, you know it’s a trauma from the past reasserting itself that set the whole mess off to begin with. The good news is that you’re now moving out of this energy.

Capricorn moons are a reserved and self-interested moon with a huge concern for financial well being, and feelings of not having enough. They seek status and financial gain and sometimes have an overwhelming desire for power can become ruthless in its reach without respect for others’ feelings. Alternatively, they are hardworking, ambitious and responsible. They love their children intensely and will always make sure they have the best there is to give them. Capricorn moon parents are tough on purpose, in an effort to instill responsibility in their children early in life. Their children will have all of their material needs and social behavior training well-handled.

1-10 degrees: Very early Capricorn moons have borne the brunt of recent planetary wars which have, for many, been a life-changing and potentially devastating chapter in their lives. After one more challenging moment in September, you will finally emerge from this time period.

10-20 degrees: You’re looking to stabilize life right now after a very rocky spring. Try to stay calm through the rest of the month. The intense full moon energy mid-month will provide some much-needed spark.

20-29 degrees: Some mild irritation will occur at the end of the month, but nothing is too dramatic for you right now given everything that has already happened this year. The core issue that has caused problems for so many months will once again be activated around the 23rd to the 25th. Maybe this time matters can be settled one and for all!

While somewhat erratic, Aquarius is a very social moon. It can also tend on the intellectual and self-interested side. Personal involvements are more business-like, and the true, feeling nature can be buried somewhere within the stubborn exterior. However, these moon signs are very unique and innovative and can contribute greatly to society and humankind. There is a great similarity to its polar opposite, Leo, and their pride in their children is a mere reflection of their own self worth. They produce young princes and princesses worthy of the kings and queens that they deem themselves to be.

This Month
0-10 degrees: Certain early degrees of Aquarius moons can revel in the limelight bestowed upon them from recent planetary activity. Dress up, look your best, and bring a camera–you never know who might see you! July 4th and 5th are your best days.

10-20 degrees: Mid-month is your time to shine, play it up, and don’t let a good opportunity go by. The 6th to the 23d have your name on it. Go for it!

20-29 degrees: A very powerful planetary aspect takes place the last week of July during which time something very important happens for you. It is the type of event that is of a deep and lasting nature. Pay attention to what is said and done. Emotionally you are in a good place unless your birth chart has difficult aspects to your moon.

Here is the sensitive, sympathetic soul. It’s a moon found with many healers and mystics. A very gentle nature, and depending on its exact placement in the birth chart, it can become the moon of higher consciousness and can contribute to artistic and musical spheres. On the downside, they have a sensitive subconscious mind that can produce imaginary fears and traumas not based in reality. A classic Pisces moon mother’s response to her children if they asked if Mermaids are real would be: “Yes, of course they are, darling.” Children of Pisces moon parents can live in fantasy and reality at the same time. Creativity abounds here.

0-10 degrees: The combination of two major forces crossing your moon, especially for 0 to 4 degree Pisces moons, will help renovate your psyche and produce a new version of you over the next year. Be open and ready for these changes–you may really like the new you!

10-20 degrees: Despite some low-level clashing emotional vibes around mid-month from the 6th to 23rd, you should enjoy the relative calmness of July. Harmonious elements go side-by-side later in the month, smoothing over any ruffled feathers.

20-29 degrees: The only drama for later Piscean moons comes at month’s end. Pisces moons are always open to psychic experiences, so keep your antennae up for what’s real and what’s not.




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