Rosie Pope’s Top Picks for New Moms
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Rosie Pope’s Top Picks for New Moms

Rosie Pope is one busy mama.

Not only is she the star of the hit Bravo show “Pregnant in Heels,” the owner of a couture maternity clothing boutique and founder of MomPrep, a training course for expectant mothers – but she just gave birth to her third little girl!

So we figured, who better to share some of her best tips for prepping for parenthood? We asked this mom expert to share her top ten must-haves for new moms and moms-to-be…. check them out below:

1. Infant feeding bottle

“Any busy mom is going to need an infant feeding bottle at some point, as it’s not always possible to directly breastfeed. Having a bottle that most closely mimics mom’s breast is obviously the best way to go. My new baby girl loves her Philips AVENT Natural Bottle.”

2. A good diaper bag

“There are certain things people need to look for in a diaper bag – stroller straps so it hangs over stroller bars; a washable interior; a changing pad inside; and a manageable weight (not too heavy). I have a few cute ones at my store moms can check out.”

3. Button down shirts / blouses that you like

“They’ll carry you from your third trimester to later on, as you’ll still want to be wearing maternity clothes at that point but won’t want them to be to be tight-feeling. You also will want to be able to unbutton and breastfeed or pump when on-the-go.”

4. Swaddle cloths

“Swaddles are great because they’re all purpose – you can use them to swaddle, as a burp cloth, to carry around with baby – and that really cuts down on the items you need to bring around with you. Aden & Anais is my favorite brand.”

5. Ivory is a mother’s best friend

“Most moms stay clear of this color because they’re scared their clothes will get dirty, but when you’re nursing, it’s your best friend – it will camouflage milk spots and stains.”

6. Car seat with a snap-in stroller base

“Whether you use something called a snap-and-go or your stroller has a seat that pops out – you need a snap-in stroller base as it cuts down on things you need to lug around with you. For first time moms, the world of strollers can be the scariest place to go.”

7. Take a baby CPR course

“This is so essential and most people don’t do it. You should know how to resuscitate your baby. It’s less common for a baby’s heart to stop than to have respiratory issues or choking.

8. Pregnant in Wedges

“Wedges are much safer than heels when you’re pushing baby around in a stroller or pregnant. And they make you feel good – you can even wear them with sweatpants!”

9. Pashminas

“They look really cool but you can also wrap your baby in one. If you haven’t lost your baby weight yet, they can also jazz up a comfortable outfit.”

10. Interference-free baby monitor

“With so many household devices (e.g., Ipads, computers, handhelds, etc.), an interference-free monitor is key to ensuring you can hear your baby crystal clearly. I am currently using the Philips AVENT DECT Monitor.”

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