Best Summertime Vacation Apps
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Best Summertime Vacation Apps

Since we’re taking our tablet on vacation, I’ve been thinking about the apps my kids will use. Am I loading new apps onto it or simply letting them play the old ones? And if I’m purchasing new apps for the summer, what criteria am I using for choosing these apps? Should I still focus on educational apps when we’re on vacation?

Clearly, I’m trying to rationalize using non-educational apps, if the truth be told. I figure if I’m on vacation then shouldn’t I let my kids play some fun/non educational games too?

With this in mind, here are my tips for selecting fun apps this summer.

1. Set a budget. If you are going on vacation for a week set an app budget of $10 per week. This should get you between 3-9 apps.

2. Mix it up. Consider storybook apps, music apps, movies or age appropriate game apps you wouldn’t normally purchase.

3. Enrich your vacation experience. For example, are you going camping and will be looking at the stars? Download a star gazing app. Or are you driving across the country? Consider downloading an app such as Google Earth to plot your journey. Use apps in creative ways to expand your family’s vacation experience.

4. Will you enjoy the app? Chances are you’ll be hearing or even playing the app so make sure you can sit through it. We recently took a 3-day trip with our tablet and I became a little too well acquainted with Disney’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally app.

5. Don’t feel guilty (There’s that Mommy guilt again!) about purchasing apps that probably provide little educational value. It’s the summer and everyone is on vacation. Just make sure to hide the apps after your vacation for a special rainy day treat in the fall.

And, in case, you are looking for a list of apps for your summer vacation, Common Sense Media recommends lots of great apps for children aged 2-5 years. Click here for the list. It’s a solid list of apps and will give you lots of options to choose from.

Now tell me, are you purchasing summer apps for your tablet or keeping things as status quo? Email me at

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